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8 Super Yummy And Affordable Restaurants In Mumbai

Let us face it. Mumbai isn’t the cheapest city to live in. Now, if you’re spending a bomb on house rent, clubs, and cabs, you may have to look for restaurants that are not only pocket-friendly but also serve yummy food. Yes, vada pav is THE solution to this problem. But for times that call for more than just a vada pav, the city has some eateries that will fill you up, without burning a hole in your pocket. We have picked 8 affordable restaurants in Mumbai for you to go with your family and friends. Take a look:

Cafe Madras 

Cafe MadrasIt is a sin to live in Mumbai and not eat at Cafe Madras in Matunga. This Cafe is THE place to visit if you’re in the mood for delicious South Indian food. They have perfected the art of making the crispiest Mysore Masala Dosa ever. Their filter coffee remains a favorite for all who visit.

Crystal Dhaba

Crystal Dhaba, Girgaum Chowpatty Crystal at Chowpatty is famous for its mouth-wateringly delicious north Indian food. If you thought roti sabzi was boring, Crystal promises to change that thought forever. Their Paneer Bhurji is a hit among all their patrons and runs out like sand during lunch hour. You absolutely must visit Crystal if you’re in town.

Cafe Military

Cafe MilitaryPart of the legendary Irani cafe tradition off Mumbai, Military cafe is one of the oldest. Unlike other Irani Cafes, Military serves beer. Try their Kalyani beer, which has a peculiar taste and takes a while to adjust to. But, if you’re craving a buzz, Kalyani is just about perfect.


Bagdadi Colaba

This joint at Colaba is a favorite among adults and children alike. They serve the best caramel custard in town, in addition to being prodigal geniuses at the art of biryani making. 


AaswadWhat is Mumbai without authentic Maharashtrian fare? Head to Aaswad in Dadar and ask for thaleepeeth, missal pav and Varan bhaat.


affordable restaurants mumbaiAre you a seafood lover? Head to Gomantak in Dadar. They serve seafood with a Konkani touch. Come what may do not miss their Bombil fry and crabs curry.

Cafe Noorani

affordable restaurants mumbaiBiryani, Kebabs, Tandoori Chicken and Chocolate Paan. Enough said.

With so many options, don’t lose your mind. Try these one at a time; you can thank us later.

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