Ferrero Rocher Facts

9 Interesting Facts About Ferrero Rocher That Will Leave You Spellbound

Doesn’t your love towards your relative or friend increases when they give you a box of Ferrero Rocher? Whether it be Valentine’s Day, Diwali or Birthday Ferrero Rocher has been an absolute necessity in our lives. We know you love Ferrero Rocher a lot but you may not know everything about the chocolate.

So, here we are with 9 amazing mind-boggling Ferrero Rocher facts that will make you fall in love with it even more:

1) The chocolate contains Lecithin which is used as a medicine for depression, high cholesterol and anxiety.

The next time someone screams at you for munching Ferrero Rocher, Ignore them! No wonder the chocolate makes you happy after you eat them!

2) Only the best hazelnuts, like the ‘tonda gentile’ from Langhe area in Piedmont are used to make Ferrero Rocher.

Never ever doubt the quality of Ferrero Rocher. Just have a bite and enjoy the pure delight of the chocolate.

3) More than 4.6 Billion pieces of Ferrero Rocher are made worldwide every year.

Woaaah! Now, That’s a huge quantity. The chocolates made are more than half the population of earth.

Ferrero Rocher Facts

4) The chocolate was made by the same man who made Nutella.

Pietro Ferrero was God’s gift to mankind. We all should be Thankful to him for making us have these scrumptious sweets.

5) Pietro Ferrero got the idea of adding hazelnuts into chocolate because cocoa in post-WWII Italy was very expensive.

Thank God he added Hazelnut to the chocolate or we might have been robbed of the trademark taste that sets Ferrero Rocher apart.

6) It has dark flavour too.

Ferrero Rocher has dark chocolate flavour too. There are some of us that crave for more hardcore and intensified taste because normal just isn’t enough.

7) It took 5 years to perfect the round shape of Ferrero Rocher.

It took five years of experiments and practice for Pietro Ferrero to get the shape of the wafer just right.

Ferrero Rocher Facts

8) Flavors like almond, pistachio, forest fruits, hazelnut and coconut are available in Ferrero Garden.

Want more than classic chocolate and dark chocolate? Well, Ferrero Garden is a collection of all the amazing flavors.

9) Ferrero is the world’s largest consumer of hazelnuts.

Ferrero Rocher uses about 25% of the world’s supply of hazelnuts. Let’s hope we never run out of Hazelnuts.

So, the next time you see someone having Ferrero Rocher amaze them with these facts and make them fall in love with the chocolate more.


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