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9 Quirky Dishes In Delhi You Just Gotta Try

Would you say you’re someone who loves going places to try out unheard-of-delicacies? Are you someone who’s bored of having usual food? Then you should be checking out these amazing 9 quirky dishes in Delhi.

1. Japani Samosa at Manohar

Are you bored of having the same triangular-shaped potato-filled samosa? If you are an adventuristic foodie, then pay a visit to Manohar Dhaba in Chandni Chowk, where you get a dish called Japani Samosa. While the name sounds outlandish, it has no relation whatsoever to Japan and is being made since 1949. It’s different from a normal samosa in the sense that it has several layers of flour flakes and is served with spicy chole.

Where: Shop 38/40, Diwan Hall Road, Opposite Moti Cinema, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi

2. Butterscotch Lassi at Shammi Bhai Lassi Wala

Is the summer being hard on you? Do you feel like having something refreshing? Then the place you should be at is Shammi Bhai Lassi Wala at GTB Nagar. The place is famous for its Butterscotch Lassi which is a perfect mix of butterscotch ice-cream and lassi to cool you.

Where: 1B, Kingsway Camp Chowk, Delhi University-GTB Nagar, New Delhi

3. Fish Biriyani at Kerala Hotel

You’ve heard of various kinds of Biriyani such as Chicken, Mutton, etc. Why there’s even a veg biriyani. But have you heard of Fish Biriyani? Yes, you read it right. It’s a quite well-known dish served at Kerala hotel in the markets of INA.

Where: 211-A, Mohan Singh Market, INAMarket, INA, New Delhi

4. Chocolate Momos at D’Momo Factory

Who doesn’t love chocolates? Put that into a momo instead of chicken and the perfect dish is in front of you. All you got to do is pay a visit to D’Momo Factory at Amar Colony and eat this delicacy for dessert or for dinner. No judgment here, it’s worth it.

Where: C-30, Amar Colony, New Delhi

5. Mutton Dosa at Mahabelly

Are you a fan of Dosas? Do you love eating non-veg? Then you should definitely be in the Delhi School of Economics. They serve an unusual dish called Mutton Dosa. The combination of mutton and Dosa is sure something to remember for days to come.

Where: MA-A05, Ground Floor, Restaurant Block, DLF Place Mall, Saket, New Delhi

6. Butter Chicken Maggi at Adda By Striker

Are you a butter chicken fan? Then just imagine how it would be if Butter Chicken is added to Maggi. It is sure a deadly combo and you would definitely end up wanting more. Don’t fret, just go to Adda at Gurugram and this snack is yours.

Where: SCO 24, 1st Floor, Main Market, Sector 29, Gurgaon

7. Mathur Chicken Chaat at United Coffee House, CP

Who would have thought the financial hub aka Connaught Place had a knack for such an uncommon delish. The United Coffee House serves more than just coffee and this is a dish that you should try if you’re in Connaught Place. A splendid mix of chaat and chicken, your mouth would start watering just by looking at it.

8. Murgh Makhani Biryani at Behrouz

A dish brought to India and yearned by all, Chicken Biryani when fused with creamy butter chicken cuisine brings out a new taste. And where do you find it? Butter Chicken Biryani is a famous dish at Behrouz Biryani.

Where: Multiple Outlets

9. Pizza Pot Pie at Mag n Cheese

A pizza in the shape of a pie, its filling is of melted cheese and a special sauce which is unique to Mag ‘N’ Cheese. So if you visit Amar Colony and have a Chocolate Momo, don’t forget to go to Mag ‘N’ Cheese and try the Pizza Pot Pie because you would hate yourself if you don’t.

Where: C-34, Shop 1, Main Market, Amar Colony, New Delhi

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