9 Reasons Why You Should Include Chicken In Your Diet


Good news for all the chicken meat lovers all over the world, it not only tastes good but is also very nutritious. Check out the amazing health benefits that chicken brings out if you include chicken in your diet every day.

1. Builds muscle.

Chicken is rich in protein and low in fat. This helps us to be full for a longer time and also helps in weight loss.

2. Reduces stress.

Chicken contains tryptophan and Vitamin B5, both of which helps us to reduce stress and boost our mood naturally.

3. Keeps your bones strong.

Rich in minerals like calcium and phosphorous, chicken helps to keep our bones strong and healthy.

4. Soothes the jagged edges of PMS.

Advantages for the ladies as it helps curve the mood swings at that time of the month because of the magnesium present in it.

5. Improves immunity.

Chicken helps us prevent inflammation when our body is fighting infections, thereby boosting our immunity.

6. Boosts testosterone levels.

Men shouldn’t feel left out as chicken helps men to boost their testosterone level and reproductive health.

7. Benefits your heart.

Eating chicken helps us to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels and helps prevent heart attacks.

8. Helps children grow.

Rich in many kinds of nutrients and minerals, chicken helps our children grow and develop.

9. Lowers the risk of arthritis.

Chicken is rich in Selenium which lowers the chance of arthritis so that our bones don’t get brittle in our old age.

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