9 Wonders Of Garlic

We all know the amazing flavor garlic adds to a dish. There is a specific aroma and taste that only garlic can give a dish. But did you know garlic also has innumerable medicinal properties? Here’s a list of some garlic benefits:

1. One clove can help you get rid of an earache

Garlic has amazing healing properties. If you are ever suffering from ear pain, go to your kitchen and find a clove of garlic. Put it on the ear and have a good night sleep. You will be free of any such pain by the time you wake up in the morning.

2. Instant relief from a cough

Garlic coupled with honey acts as a natural cough syrup. Consume garlic mixed with a teaspoon of honey every 2 hours to get instant relief from your irritating cough.

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3. For a healthy heart

Take 2-3 crushed garlic cloves and add it to your morning juice to keep your heart healthy. Garlic reduces cholesterol and regulates proper blood flow. Thus, improves your cardiovascular health.

4. Hypertension controller

Eating a few garlic cloves in the morning on an empty stomach may help you a lot if you suffer from Hypertension. Garlic acts as a vasodilator. Thus, smoothens the blood flow by widening the blood vessels which in turn helps in controlling hypertension.

5. Solution for all your fungal infections

Recognizing the medicinal properties of garlic, garlic gels and oils have been introduced in the market. In case you are suffering from any fungal infections like ringworm, athlete’s foot and jock itch, just apply garlic gel or oil over the affected area. You will be free of any fungal infection that you are suffering from.

6. Anti-allergen

Garlic can relieve you of your allergies as well. Just apply garlic gel or oil on any bug bites, allergies, rashes, or on any affected area of your skin and you will see the result in no time.

7. Reduces toothache

Apply garlic oil or gel or apply garlic paste on the affected gum. As garlic contains analgesic and anti-bacterial properties, it will give you an instant relief from your toothache.

8. Relief from arthritis menace

The pain caused by Arthritis is hell.  Make sure to include garlic in your diet to reduce the pain caused by Arthritis. Garlic with its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties also reduces the swelling given by Arthritis.

9. Curative Agent

Garlic on the ear also acts a curative agent. It helps you get rid of swellings, headache, fever etc.

We think you have enough reasons to buy a lot of garlic when you go to the market next time.

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