Aamir, Girl Child & Internet For Food Makes The New #nayisoch Ad More Relevant!

Star Plus has been releasing a series of ad films about the importance of the girl child with the caption # NayiSoch for a while now. But none of the previous ones garnered as much public discussion as the recent one has. The reason is not just Aamir Khan though. If you take a closer look, you realise this ad film is something we all relate to because all of us know the role internet plays in our lives lately. And when he says, his children have listed his sweet shop on the internet, so many websites about food come to our mind immediately.

Websites and blogs about food are the in-thing now! Whether it’s new restaurants to try that we are looking for or checking out what to include in our diet to lose weight or make it more nutritious, we can get an ample amount of information on the Internet.

NayiSochListing your restaurants and shops on these websites or giving a reason to these famous blogs to write about your food can go a very long way in lifting your business. As more people read about it, more chances of them finding you to taste your food. This is good publicity at its best as it costs you the least and works the best for you.

So, if you are not very familiar with how the internet works to tap these benefits, you should immediately go to your child/children, it doesn’t matter if they are girls or sons, because the internet treats everybody the same and get yourself these benefits.

It’s time we CTRL+ALT+DELETE our conservative notions about our girls and our businesses and move forward with the world because that’s the only way we can grow as a nation and as mankind.

The actor took to Facebook to share the video with his fans. Take a look:



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