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Egg whites are the age-old solution for all our problems: be it damaged hair or worn-out skin; egg whites are your answer to all the issues. Egg masks are not only the latest trend to go all-natural with your skin routine, but are also packed with proteins and albumin. They are rich in nutrients, and for a lasting effect, they must regularly be applied. However, permanent results of egg whites can be enjoyed by eating them and integrating them into your diet too.

Create your egg mask

Although these masks can be made professionally, eggs are easily accessible and making egg masks is easy-peasy. These masks are made from raw eggs (that have their yolks removed). After taking off the yolk, all the egg whites should be mixed in order to make it frothy. Spread this foam over your face in circular motions until it dries off. After it dries, just wash the face for a smoother skin and perfect texture.

Check out the amazing benefits of egg white on face:

Skin Tightening

Tighten up your skin and reduce the large pores with these easy to make masks. As they contain amazing astringent properties, your pores will visibly shrink to give you a tighter, healthier skin. If 1 egg white is mixed with 1 squeeze of lemon juice, it will benefit your skin in a better way and will work well to reduce the pores.

Combats oily skin

For those who have to deal with major oily skin problems, egg whites could be your savior. Your skin will be cleansed and exfoliated as they remarkably minimise pores on your skin. Firstly, the skin should be washed clean before applying. After keeping the mask on for a sufficient time, wash it off with cool water. For better results, honey can be added too.

Treats wrinkles

Egg whites can battle aging issues as they contain collagen. It is surprising that something as simple, accessible and natural can have anti-aging properties. They can significantly reduce fine lines under the eyes and the mouth, giving a porcelain look to your skin.

Maintains skin elasticity

These masks increase and maintain skin elasticity if applied regularly. They can be especially essential to fight aging because a loss of skin elasticity causes a natural condition of ‘elastosis’, which is a symptom of aging.

Removes whiteheads

Whiteheads are a common occurrence that many people have to tackle. They are a minor form of acne caused when pores are clogged with sebum, debris, and dead skin cells. It can be quite a challenge to eradicate whiteheads, but egg whites can help you extract whiteheads to give you a pure and glowing skin.

Battles acne

Acne, like whiteheads, is caused by an excess of sebum too. Egg masks can work wonders on acne and acne scars as they reduce oil clogging and make your pores smaller. However, those with sensitive or acne-prone skin have to be extra careful as egg whites also consist of vitamin A which is responsible for breakouts.

Reduces eye bags

Egg whites can reduce under-eye puffiness and dullness. Tired-looking eyes can affect your overall appearance, and egg masks help to lift your skin effectively. Always use the ring finger and gently apply the foam to your under-eye area.

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Removes tan

They can significantly remove tan and improve complexion as well as balance your skin tone. Changing climate and harmful UV rays can have a grave impact on your skin and egg whites help you to handle these issues. For better effects, making a face pack by mixing raw honey and egg whites and keeping it for about 10 minutes will give you the desired results.

Lifts skin

As egg whites contain anti-aging properties like tightening the skin, they can help manage sagging skin. Sagging is most visible around the eye and mouth area. Using egg masks regularly can defy aging compounds and give you a younger, glowing look.

Tips to remember:

For those who have acne-prone skin and sensitive skin, contacting your dermatologist to determine whether egg masks suit your skin type or not is essential.

Using these masks can clog pores and increase acne, while bacteria can grow on the skin surface too – raw eggs contain salmonella, an infection that causes food poisoning.

Mixing lemon juice with egg whites as a part of your skin routine may cause skin irritation and increase dryness.

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