Eat Before and After a Workout

What to Eat Before and After a Workout

Nowadays workout and being fit are the new buzz words, but we are ignoring what is the most important aspect of being fit, what to eat when to eat and how much to eat. Fitness centres are aggressively marketing their ways of making people fit along with all the products such as energy drinks and protein shakes are a part of people’s thought process. This has got people to believe that they should eat before and/or after a workout. Well with these products on top every shopping list, let us try and break the myth of when we should actually eat what we eat!

Before Workout:

Really? Who eats before a workout? Why gain and add calories before the workout and then try and burn the same calories? It doesn’t make sense, does it? Tempting as it may sound, but eating before working out fuels your workout, maximizing the results and yes, also helps you put more efforts. This will not only prevent you from getting low blood sugar but also from fatigue and light-headedness. The exercising goals are to work hard longer and having food before workout goes a long way in helping this goal.

Having said that one needs to keep in mind not eat too much and also not to consume unhealthy fats and fibers. There should ideally be a gap of 1 hour between eating and workout session.

Here goes the list of things to fuel your workout:

1. Bananas

workout food

Bananas contain potassium that helps in maintaining the functioning of nerves and muscles. It is handy and the right food before a workout.

2. Coffee


With its energy generating capabilities, the high amounts of caffeine, lets you add this to your pre-workout diet.

3. Greek yogurt and trail mix/dried fruits

before workout food

A great energy supplement for your workout, it is healthy and easy to digest. Taken in the right amount, it provides the perfect energy.

4. Egg Whites

workout food , eggs

A good amount of protein always helps before the workout. It is easier to digest and increases your metabolism.

5. Apples


It is believed to provide you with required vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Many fitness trainers suggest eating an apple before the workout as it is easier to digest.

6. Oats

workout food, Oats

The fiber in oats slowly releases carbohydrates into your bloodstream, giving you energy supply during the workout.

During Workout:

If you had eaten before the workout, then you can avoid having protein shakes and bars. However, water should be carried all the time and should be gulped more than a sip. It very important to keep the body hydrated.

After Workout:

The most important thing to keep in mind after the workout is to rehydrate oneself. One should consume about 50% of the calories lost during the breakfast. Just don’t go overboard with the calories and try eating a low carbohydrate meal which will enhance insulin sensitivity.

Here is the list of food that you should try after workout:

1. Salmon


Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, salmon helps in reducing post-exercise muscle inflammation.It is packed with lean protein, which is essential for rebuilding muscles and enhancing performance.

2. Eggs

after workout food

The best source of proteins; it is a must for your post-workout meal.

3. Pineapple


This tropical fruit is rich in carbohydrates and helps in muscle recovery. It contains bromelain that can help swelling and bruises.

4. Whey


Whey, the richest source of protein helps in supplying your muscles with amino acids. It burns fats faster and helps in quick restoration of energy.

5. Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes

Our body’s glycogen drops after a workout, and sweet potatoes can help us restore it. It is rich in beta-carotene, Vitamin C, and potassium.

6. Chicken


No other food can beat the heavy nutrient-rich diet of chicken. Rich in protein and carbohydrates, it is the best you can have after a heavy workout.

The only workout won’t help you get fit. Along with workouts, one has to make conscious efforts to avoid certain foods like fried food, diet soda, and other junk items.

One has to come up with a schedule and decide how and when to eat. One thing should be kept in mind that a perfect diet and consistent workout is necessary to achieve the ultimate goal – Being Fit. All the precautions before starting with your diet should be thought off before setting off on this journey of getting fit. Happy Workout!

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