BJP Legislator Wants To Ban Momos: Says They Cause Life-Threatening Diseases

Momos are about to turn the national food of India. Visit any street of India you’d find more momos stall than the incredible famous samosa stalls.

So, it is manifest that the team which considers itself the protector of everything related to the nation will have something to say about it and it’s rise to becoming a national dish.

After the Gau Raksha Dals anti-beef campaigns, A BJP Leader from Jammu and Kashmir now has his eyes on the steamed dumplings and wants them banned.

BJP MLC Ramesh Arora from Jammu And Kashmir thinks that these momos are the “The cause of several life-threatening diseases, including cancer of the intestine.”

Because of the presence of Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) also known as Ajinomoto, a chemical flavor additive used in food items.

According to the BJP MLC,”Ajinomoto, a kind of salt, causes serious diseases, including cancer. It is responsible for converting a minor headache and migraine.”

According to National Herald, Ramesh Arora is careful of “foreigners including Burmese and Bangladeshi” involved in the business of making and selling momos, adding a part of xenophobia to his campaign.

According to the BJP Leader, his efforts of creating awareness about momos have worked and have decreased the sale of momos by about 35 percent.

While this BJP MLC have been holding seminars and campaigning about the harmful effects of momos, it seems like not even some of his own BJP party members are not convinced.

MoS for Prime Minister’s office Jitender Singh was recently spotted having momos in a photo posted on Facebook.

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