fruity frozen sandwiches

Bored Of Traditional Sandwiches Try These Fruity Frozen Variants Now

Are you bored of the same old sandwich? If yes, we bring to you an interesting variant, that combines fruit and greek yogurt, to form a hybrid between an ice cream sandwich and a traditional sandwich. These aren’t just for dessert, as they’re much healthier than that. The fruit gives essential antioxidants to the body whereas the greek yogurt is a rich source of protein. Combined together, fruity frozen sandwiches are here to stay!


  1. 1 cup strawberries
  2. 1 cup peaches
  3. 1 cup cherries
  4. 4 cups Greek yogurt
  5. 4 tablespoons Cool Whip
  6. 18 crackers


  • Combine the yogurt and the whipped cream together, and mix until you notice a marble effect.
  • Add chopped fruits to the yogurt and cream mixture.
  • Line a dish with crackers and spread the fruit and yogurt mixture evenly on it. Line again with crackers to create sandwiches.
  • Freeze for at least 2 hours. Cut through gently, with a knife, and dig in!

Super easy and delicious, right?

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