Cafe Delhi Heights Is Set To Come To Mumbai

Cafe Delhi Heights, Gurgaon’s flagship cafe is all set to make its way to Kamla Mills in Mumbai this August. The cafe, founded by Usha Batra and now run by her sons Sharad and Vikrant Batra started off at Crosspoint Mall, Gurgaon. Now, it is set to join the numerous cafes and restaurants that line the Office suburb of Parel. The cafe will sport a dashing new interior inspired by the city of Mumbai, however, at the same time, it will also retain some aesthetics of its cafe in Delhi too. The news is that the cafe will be a 92-seater space, with an outdoor seating area, and the live kitchen concept.

Cafe Delhi Heights, TiramisuThe menu of the cafe has on it some pretty tasty stuff, right from burgers to unique and exciting cocktails. Our favorites include the juicy lucy burger, stuffed with minced lamb, tiramisu and the six flavors long island iced tea. The cafe also serves shisha. It’s Desi food, served with a modern touch, leads to this place culinary fame, enjoyed by few.

So…, we’re looking forward to its launch in Mumbai, and can’t wait to try their food! The work on the decor is in full swing, and mid-August seems like a likely date for a launch.

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