Xchange Over Coffee (XCO)

This Cafe In Delhi Lets You Exchange Books For A Free Meal

If you love yourself a good read over some delicious food, you better pray you’re in Delhi. ‘Cause the ultimate chill zone for bookworms and foodies is right here in North Campus.

Xchange (XCO) Over Coffee is a tiny shack on the streets of North Campus that may look like any other, but don’t be fooled by appearances. XCO, as they’re commonly known, gives book lovers and foodies a getaway where they can exchange books with fellow readers in return for free food.

XCO - Xchange Over Coffee

Source: facebook.com/Xchangeshack

According to their Facebook bio, the cafe believes in sharing rather than buying. The bio reads, ‘Sharing is Uniting! Together building up a community where people share/exchange rather than buy’.

Well, grab yourself a book you’d like to exchange and head straight over already, won’t ya!

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