Cancer Causing Food

Cancer Causing Food You Should Stop Eating Now

How will you react when you get to know your favorite food may cause cancer? Well, I can see your reaction. From potato chips to canned food these are a few food products that carry certain compounds and chemicals that might lead to cancer. As believed, Prevention is better than Cure it is good for us to avoid such food items and live a healthy life.

So, Here Is A List Of Few Harmless Looking Food Items That Can Be Dangerous:

1) Potato Chips

We all know about the high calories and fats potato chips has! But we rarely know about the higher levels of acrylamide found in potato chips. This acrylamide also known carcinogen are also found in cigarettes and may lead symptoms of cancer in the body. Even the French Fries may have acrylamide.

2) Processed Meat

According to research, processed meat may contain preservatives and chemicals like sodium nitrates, which might make the meat look appealing but are really high on ‘carcinogens’. Carcinogens can cause cancer in living tissue. Further, these meats release tar when fried or smoked that might damage the human body internally.

3) Microwave Popcorn

Well, in this case, the food item is not the culprit but the chemically lined bag used in it. Usually, microwave popcorn bags are coated with an element called perfluorooctanoic acid (or PFOA) that may lead to issues related to kidney, liver, bladder,  and testicular cancer in humans.

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4) Hydrogenated Oils

Hydrogenated oils are the processed oils. In this type of oil, the hydrogen is chemically reacted to the oil to increase its shelf life. According to studies, this may lead to cancer, heart diseases, and immune system problems. Such oils carry high levels of trans fats.

5) Canned Foods

Usually, canned foods are packed with a chemical called bisphenol-A (BPA). According to many studies, these chemical containing canned foods can cause cancer. Especially the ones that are highly acidic in nature like the tomatoes.

6) Highly Processed White Flours

White processed flours have a high glycemic rate which may lead to increase in insulin and blood sugar levels. All this can lead to the birth of cancer cells and diabetes.


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