Carb Your Way To Weight Loss

Against popular belief, eating a diet with the right kind of carbs can actually aid weight loss. One simply needs to know the difference between carbs that are good for you and carbs that aren’t! Of course, portion control counts too. Here are a few carbs that can actually help you lose weight.

1. Pasta

PastaWho doesn’t love pasta! Go for the Whole Wheat pasta and watch the benefits! Whole wheat help maintains a lower BMI and lower abdominal fat. They contain a good amount of fibre which helps you feel fuller longer. Going for whole wheat pasta allows you to binge on this go-to dish while keeping cravings in check.

2. Popcorn

PopcornPopcorn is made of whole grain, making it a great source of fibre. Its really low in calories making it the perfect item to snack on. So next time you crave some salty chips, go for a bowl of popcorn instead. You can consume a lot more of them as compared to chips and your body wouldn’t have to face half of what chips make it go through!

3. Rajma(Kidney Beans)

Kidney BeansRajma, a much-loved dish is loaded with not just fibre but also iron, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and copper. Consuming it without the extra masala can help maintain a very envious waistline.

4. Dates

DatesDates are perfect to spoil your sweet tooth. With their health benefits, they become a good substitute for sugary treats. Although healthier than most sweets, they still contain their share of sweets and carbohydrates and hence should only be consumed in small quantities about two a day.

5. Berries

BerriesBerries are rich in nutrients and antioxidants. They contain some sugar along with a high level of fibre the fibre makes it easy for our bodies to break the sugar down. So go on and gorge on some blueberries and strawberries that we know you can’t resist!

6. Quinoa

QuinoaKnown as a super carb, quinoa is high in fibre and protein! Both of these are an integral part of one’s diet. Put together with a few washed and chopped vegetable, quinoa makes for a great dish.

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