Why Chicken Breast Is The Healthiest To Eat


Whenever anyone is about to start a healthy, nutritious diet, they are advised to integrate chicken into their food. Undoubtedly, it is the best out of all meat. But are all parts of chicken as healthy?

Chicken Breast: Perks of this white meat

Chicken breast is categorized under the white meat, which makes it a healthier option. Dark meat contains a significant amount of protein, but high levels of saturated fat. For a healthy and nutritious diet, it is necessary to cut out on any fat intake and make protein the focal point. White meat or chicken breast is, therefore, the perfect solution for incorporating a wholesome diet.

Furthermore, what makes chicken breast a favorable option is that it is effortless to cook. Minimal time and energy go into preparing the breast, making it easy for anyone to make. As opposed to the dark meat, chicken breast won’t make you feel too full after your meal- it is a lean food.

The most beneficial aspect of consuming chicken breast is that it can induce energy in your body. As a result, your average productivity increases and you can complete all the tasks lined up with extra vigor.

If you judge food based on its appeal, chicken breast is the most aesthetically pleasing food you will ever come across! This visual and nutritive aspect of the breast makes it more tempting.

Tasty indeed, but is it healthy?

As against the prevailing notion that chicken thighs are much tastier than chicken breast because they are very juicy, the breast itself can be equally finger-licking good. Plus, you cannot miss out on the benefits that it offers!

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Selecting portions based on nutritional values

If you are confused as to which servings of chicken contain the maximum nutritional benefits, we will make it simple for you. The first step is to identify whether white meat or dark meat is the best. To do this, we have broken down the macronutrients as per calories. This breakdown is centered around three ounces of chicken breast and thigh meat.

If we take three ounces of chicken breast, you will notice that it contains 27 grams of protein (hello, healthiness!), 130 calories, 1 gram of fat, but 0 carbs. Now, if we compare this to the thigh meat portion, you will find 22.5 grams of protein, a whopping 170 calories, and 12.5 grams of fat and 0 carbs. Evidently, the chicken breast is not only reasonable but also a healthy dietary option. With high levels of protein and low amount of fats, chicken breast is the perfect chicken portion to include in your diet. On the contrary, you will notice that dark protein contains 30% extra calories, but when it comes to the protein levels, it is quite low overall.

The next crucial aspect to consider is if your meat will lead to high cholesterol levels. White, as well as dark meat has cholesterol in moderation, therefore making them a dependable option for a new diet routine. The breast has 10% low cholesterol (for three ounces) as compared to other dark meat.

Now let us bring in the sodium and iron levels. The sodium level for the two types of chicken is in fact almost equal. But chicken breast does rank a bit high on this scale. Chicken breast is flat out the winner here, as it contains enormous amounts of iron, which boosts the myoglobin formation in the body.

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Which one is perfect for you?

Need we say anymore? Chicken breast is the clear winner when it comes to both nutritional values and low-fat levels. So, if you wish to start a new and health-centred diet, chicken breast is the best portion for regular consumption.

Now, you neither will have to worry about checking the weighing scale nor your health reports.

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