Countries Where You Will Find The World’s Most Sexually Charged Women

Countries Where You Will Find The World’s Most Sexually Charged Women

Ever wondered if there could be statistics for the same? Not all of us would have thought, but there are some specific nations on the map where the most sexually charged women are.

In a list of top twenty countries, researchers have found what influences the sexual indulgence of women living in the area. India, following those reasons, is not on the list.

Northern Europe scored the highest with the most sexually charged women. The sex drive was so high that the women had claimed themselves to be nymphomaniacs! Scandinavian women, too, have the highest sex drive.

Victoria Milan has made a list after surveying the lives and behavior of women across the world. The founder, Siguard Vedal, states that the standard of living in the particular region forms women’s sex drives.

The women of Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark live in extremely low temperatures and are hence known to enjoy sex a lot, maybe even too much. Belgian women, who are known to be conservative, revealed that they have a high sex drive too.

Research suggested that seven out of every ten Spanish women got turned off at the prospect of sex if their partner did not offer warmth and affection.

German women along with South African, Swiss, as well as Australian women have the same worldview about the concept of sex and sex drives. They share a similar approach towards it.

American women assumed to have a high sex drive, do not have a very becoming bend towards sex. Only one out of three American women engage in frequent sex.

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Women from Czechoslovakia have the lowest sex drive around the world.

As explained by the founder, the standard of living must support a woman’s natural desires. In India, women live in dire conditions as set physically as well as socially. It is neither promoted nor supported due to the mental sets of the families hence not encouraging women to have a high inclination towards sexual thoughts.

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