Dahi (Curd) The Best SuperFood For The Summer

Dahi persistently appears in most Indian meals, whether it may be the North or the South. The old-timers probably knew its benefits before making them an integral part of their diet. Come summer, dahi is almost inevitable. It is known to prevent many stomach illnesses and contribute to our general well-being. Also, having dahi with the rest of your food helps in absorbing the nutrients from the other stuff you ate. Read on to know why dahi is a superfood you need to with your meals.

Immunity of course

Diseases are ravaging most parts of the country and dahi has qualities that can help improve your immunity. Stay armed!

Good for the heart

Curd helps prevent accumulation of cholesterol in your arterial region. This, in turn, helps hold off hypertension and improve the health of your heart.

Stronger bones!

The calcium in curd helps in the growth of your bones and teeth. It will also contribute to preventing diseases like arthritis.

Substitutes for milk

For those who are lactose-intolerant, curd is a great option as it has all the benefits of milk.

Good for your skin

Curd, being natural and containing various minerals like zinc and phosphorous, helps improve the texture of your skin without harming it, unlike the chemicals popularly available in the market.

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