Coconut Oil

Discover How Coconut Oil Can Magically Help You Lose Weight!

Stereotyping is a bad thing. Yet, we all do it. One such stereotype comes to my mind now. My Grandma attributed the smartness of a friend of mine to her being a Keralite. Per her, people from Kerala are smart and brainy as they eat food cooked in Coconut oil as it is quite nutritious. Obviously, when I grew up I realized, that what my Granny did was Stereotype Keralites. Then, to my surprise, I found out Coconut oil, is indeed, very healthy and the benefits one derives from it are in abundance, not just gorgeous hair.

I know you are wondering, how can any kind of “OIL” be Nutritious and healthy when we are constantly told to avoid oily stuff. Here’s HOW:

Medium-chain triglyceride is a different kind of Saturated fat.

Coconut oil has some special properties like, for one, a special kind of saturated fat known as medium-chain Triglyceride or MCT which makes Coconut Oil – Super oil.

Provides energy and maintains stable blood sugar levels.

Coconut Oil

Since MCT is a different kind of saturated fat, It doesn’t get stored as other fats do in our body. Instead, it provides energy, like carbs but better than carbs as it tends to raise blood sugar levels, unlike MCT which helps maintain stable blood sugar levels by promoting production and use of Insulin resulting in more glucose at our body’s disposal. As it does not get stored in the body as fat, you and I do not have to worry about getting fat whenever we put food in our mouth.

Acts as a fat burner.

Coconut Oil is really magical, as it not only has the potential to stop the negative effects of its peers (other unhealthy oils) but also gives our body benefits that affect us positively. For example, It not only gets stored as fat in our body but also helps burn fats in our body faster. According to a study published in the International Journal of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders, MCTs lead to less fat storage in our bodies by burning fats and calories. When fats are burned faster, the rate at which our body absorbs nutrients increases. So we can eat less food but avoid feeling frail, enervated or drained and petered out.

Plays a role in the production of certain healthy hormones.

Consuming Coconut oil is going to make you fit in your skinny jeans and look fab in it. This it does by reducing the fats stored in thighs, buttocks and the waist. The MCT facilitates the conversion of cholesterol in the bloodstream into Sterone Pregnenolone which plays a role in a production of hormones in our body. It assists in the production of certain healthy hormones that burn away the said fat.  It also helps in digestion, reducing stress and anxiety and increase our energy levels.

Natural mood energiser.

Coconut Oil

Additionally, Coconut oil uplifts our mood. It burns of stubborn fat stores and gives a kick to the happy hormones. So coconut oil is a natural mood energizer– which means you can save a lot of time not having to read all those debates – “YES, it Is healthy or NO, it is not”- It being the much-beloved Caffeine – which we consume constantly to elevate our moods. And we can steer clear of chocolates and sugar which we know are not very healthy but yet eat and the excuse being – ‘to feel better when we are low’- because, now my dears, we have a substitute, that too, a very healthy one.

So let us all make room for Coconut oil in our groceries and in our diet.


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