Why Do Donuts Have Holes?

Donuts have got to be one of the best gifts by America to the rest of world. What’s better to cheer us up than a box of hot donuts with melted chocolate and cream after a tiring work day? Keeping these things aside, have you ever wondered why donuts have a hole inside them? Don’t worry we have got you covered in that regard.

donuts holesThere’s an interesting story about how donuts got a hole. In 1847, an American seafarer Hanson Gregory, who was just 16 at the time, invented it while aboard a lime-trading ship. The story goes that, Gregory was unhappy with the quality of fried cakes served on the ship. Although the edges and outside of the donuts were crisp, the centers of the donuts were always greasy and doughy. So, he suggested that they punch a hole in the middle of fried cakes which would enable it to be evenly cooked on the inside and outside. This made sense to keep in mind the way donuts were cooked.

donuts holesNow that we know the story, we should be thankful to Gregory for giving us one of the most mouth-watering desserts of all time.

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