This Is Why Drinking Gin Could Work Wonders For You

Wouldn’t it be dream come true if drinking alcohol could actually be beneficial for your health? Especially, when it’s nearly summer and you’re probably ending up at the bar after work more than often. But here’s the good news. Many people believe that red wine is the healthiest of alcohols because it is heart-friendly. Yes, red wine is great for cardiac care because it reduces cholesterol but they haven’t met my friend, Gin.

According to a research conducted by the University of Sigulda at Latvia, it was found out that having gin can actually be good for your health. It was reported that gin has wonderful health advantages if consumed in limited quantities. So now that you’ve got your choice of drink sorted, let’s move on to how gin will affect your body system.

1. Drinking Gin improves your metabolism 

Gin is the ideal alcoholic drink to consume because it helps in speeding up your metabolism. That means, gin will help you burn fat cells faster and you will be able to become healthier.

Drinking Gin(Note – Drinking a shot of gin doesn’t make it alright to make an excuse for hitting the gym)

2. It burns calories faster

A study was published in the journal of Food & Nature, which said that gin continues to burn calories even after an hour of drinking it. It helps to burn excessive calories and prevents conversation of calories into sugar in your body.

The research to test the beneficial effects of gin was conducted on generic mice. In a control study, two groups of mice were taken. One group was kept neutral and the other group was injected with gin regularly over the period of a few months. The mice that were injected with gin showed a 17 percent rise in the rate of metabolism as compared to the mice that weren’t injected.

Concluding this, the lead professor on this study, Thisa Lye, stated that not only does gin help in raising the metabolic rate, it also has an overall thinning effect on the body.

That’s not all, folks!

3. Gin also contains anti-oxidants and the least number of calories compared to all other alcohols.

GinA study was published in 2008 that stated gin to be the safest alcohol to be consumed in patients suffering from Type-1 Diabetes. One shot of gin only contains 97 calories as opposed to beer having 150 calories, other hard drinks like vodka, whiskey, and rum containing 125 calories. Among the healthier alcohols to be consumed, red wine also contains 100 calories. Comparing the results, it can be safe to assume that gin is indeed the least calorie containing alcohol.

4. Gin is known for its other effects including reducing inflammation of the arteries for diabetic patients and keeping a tab on fat cells.

So after this clean bill of health after consuming gin, you can easily hit the bar once more this week. Just make sure you’re not mixing your gin with any carbonated drinks or sweetened juice, because it would be ruining the purpose. Instead, you can opt for a lime tonic.

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