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From Dry To Wet: Why Beer Is The Best Thing Yet

Everyone knows the saying “too much of a good thing is often a bad thing”. Yet, teetotalers–those who abstain from drinking beer whatsoever–are often reluctant to apply this proverb to beer. Yes, we all know that excessive drinking can lead to severe and sometimes even fatal consequences. Drunkards tend to have violent patterns, reckless driving, and overall endangerment to both themselves and those around them. However, this isn’t an excuse for not drinking at all. In fact, drinking beer in moderation can have beneficial long-term effects on health. In this article, we will cover some of the best benefactors associated with drinking beer, in moderation, that is!

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Drinking beer has been statistically proven to help you live longer. While the particular reason for this is still an anomaly to scientist and researchers–numerous studies have confirmed this fact. For instance, a new study published in the Journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental showed that out of a group of nearly 2,000 participants of relatively the same health ranging from age 55 to 65, “69% of abstainers from beer died within the next twenty years while only 49% of moderate drinkers died within the same period.” Not only did this study demonstrate how drinkers tend to outlive their dry counterparts, but also that moderate drinkers significantly outlived their light drinkers. In other words, drinking beer is more beneficial than none at all, and even larger amounts can increase your vitality, so long as you are not overdoing it. Again, drinking moderately is drinking responsibly.


Additionally, beer can even outrank soda, juice, and other popular non-alcoholic beverages in certain scenarios. In this case, the organic quality of beer gives it a distinct advantage over its competitors. Chemicals found in other drinks can negatively affect one’s health. As a matter of fact, many of the chemicals found in some of the largest leading brands in the soda industry are known to cause diseases, with many even factoring into cancer. Beer actually does the opposite, since the Xanthohumol found in hops is known to fight cancer. If living naturally is a preference and/or a priority, then beer is the way to go!

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Not only does beer promote physical health, but it also can provide mental health benefits as well. Alcohol, in general, can be a great beverage to unwind with and relieve stress, and beer is no different. Moreover, beer tends to be consumed not individually, but rather with a group of friends. The social aspects of its nature alone can help relieve feelings of anxiety and improve mood by increasing overall happiness. Who doesn’t want their day brightened up just a little more?

In summary, beer is an amazingly positive beverage so long as it is consumed responsibly. The Center for Disease Control recommends drinking only one can of beer a day for women, and two for men. Although, it is highly advised you take breaks throughout your weekly drinking schedules as to help avoid addiction. Be responsible and be healthy with beer!

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