Sore After The Gym

What To Eat When You’re Sore After The Gym

Nothing feels more satisfying than a productive workout at the gym. But the next morning is an entirely different story when your muscles feel sore to touch and you can’t even walk. Don’t worry we have got you covered. These foods will ease out your pain and make it a little more bearable.

Dark-coloured fruit

Dark coloured fruit

These include blueberries and other dark-coloured fruits which have nutrients which remove the free radicals that build up in our muscles during training. Tart cherries raise the melatonin which helps us sleep better.


gym - Eggs

Eggs have the second highest concentration of leucine which is essential for muscle building. They speed up tissue repair, reduce inflammation and provide energy after intense training.



Almond is a good source of omega-6 and is found to improve tissue damage. Walnuts help reduce fatigue effects by improving energy.

Leafy greens and vegetables


Leafy vegetables are packed with nutrients which help improve our metabolic process. Broccoli, Kale and Brussels sprouts help reduce inflammation and provide low-glycemic energy which helps us recover faster.



Ginger helps reduce muscle soreness and improves recovery as it is rich in anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric has a pain-killing compound called curcumin.

And last but not the least,


Gym, Water

Water helps regulate our body temperature as well as improves both heart and muscle function. So drink plenty of water before, during and after the workout.

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