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Eating Junk Food Thrice A Week Can Affect Your Mental Health

The one thing that can get us through migraine Mondays, horrifying hangovers, epic birthdays or anniversary parties, and awkward first-time office events… is nothing but food! Moreover, not the simple kind of food but the greasy junk food is what leaves us with drooling mouths.

Talking about food, this is the season when we lose the lease on our hearts and let our mouth engulf all it sees; cookies, cakes, pastries and all.

But hold on to those desire tides! A recent study published in the journal Nutritional Neuroscience says that young adults of 18 to 29 age experienced “mental stress” if they consumed fast food more than three times a week. So, maybe you’d like to rethink your celebration plans and include some fewer hangouts at the nearest fast food outlet.

This somewhat goes hand in hand with a study published in The Guardian. It states that fast food contains high levels of saturated, trans-6 and omega-6 fatty acids. These can cause a low-grade inflammatory response in the body. This, in turn, leads to anxiety and depression, confirmed by experiments on both humans and animals.

“We were surprised by this,” says Line Begdache, Assistant Professor of Health and Wellness studies at Binghamton, New York. She emphasizes on the bond between brain and food; serotonin present in meat is the “feel good” chemical of our brain. She reveals that subjects in her study who ate meat less than thrice a week reported on mental issues.

But men are hard to move, and so are we all, in this festive season. We all come up with various excuses and reason why we should eat; some would cite the healing power of festive food while others bring forth the emotions put into making the vast cuisine. Nonetheless, not all are required to be restrained; regular exercise and proper diet leaves someplace where fast food can be in without disturbing the food habits and causing a havoc in health. See, a little discipline here and there, and no one stops you from feasting this festive season.

Balance is a necessity; along with physical health, emotional health is also required. We all need to take a pledge to eat out less; maybe restrict it to once per week. With this followed, we can enjoy that Christmas pudding without worries, go out to cherish the favorite dishes of ours on new year’s eve and much more. Satiate our emotional needs while keeping in mind the physical restraints.

So, move forward, cut a slice out of that beautiful cake your mom made and eat it, and pledge to take care of your health so you can keep enjoying such delicacies for longer.

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