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Eating Salad Everyday To Lose Weight

Salads are seen as a healthy diet which will help people to keep away the fats and other high-calorie food items. Salads which consist of green leafy vegetables are seen to be a very healthy diet for all. However, this is a misconception. Salads need to be built correctly using the right amount of the right food to make sure that you eat healthily. So here are a few tips to make sure that your salad consists of the exact amount of vegetable intake you need to keep your body looking and feeling fab.

1. When making a salad, try to skip the lettuce and instead opt to go for nutrient dense vegetables such as kale or spinach. This will ensure that you get the maximum amount of nutrients in lesser servings.

2. Use vegetables that will increase your fibre and protein intake so that your meal leaves you feeling full and satisfied. Try to add other elements such as grilled chicken, chickpeas or beans to make sure that this will construe your main dish.


3. Make sure that you swap your veggies daily so that you don’t feel bored. It will be a good idea to swap your chicken for fish or even prawns just to have a change. After all who doesn’t like a bit of change in life.

4. Another idea would be to use salads as a starter so that your intake of your main meal will be less. Having a good salad before your meals which is high in protein and fibre will make sure that you do not consume a significant amount of your main dish which might be high in calories.

5. Another tip to make sure that your salad will be enjoyable to your taste buds would be to sprinkle a few drops of lime juice or vinegar on top of your salad to add an extra bit of flavour. Adding a bit of cheese to your salad will also be a good idea as it will add character and won’t be unhealthy either in modest servings.

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6. Try to combine your healthy eating regimen with a good workout session every week or even two or three times a week to stay healthy and fit. Try to work out for at least 3 hours every week so that your body will be in good condition.

Eating salads every day will also have a few disadvantages. This includes the thought process that eating salad every day is healthy and hence it allows you to consume other not so healthy food items. Therefore avoid such ideas and instead opt to cut out unhealthy food options from your diet altogether except on those pass days.    

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