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When it comes to our vegan friends, we pity them for the lack of those yummy slices of meat in their life. But what they are truly missing out are eggs. Not just on the levels of deliciousness, but also on the good it can do to their bodies. Let us look at the multiple ways in which having three eggs a day can benefit you.

It contains good cholesterol that can balance out the bad cholesterol that is produced in your body. Its vitamins and various other nutrients help reduce your weight and provide you with the number of calories that are required by your body.

The Vitamin D and Calcium in it help make your bones and teeth stronger. Also, their protein content (protein in 2 eggs = protein in 1 serving of meat) helps enhance and develop your muscles!

Due to their Lutein and Zeaxanthin content, it reduces the chances of cataract and macular degeneration. Also, have they give you the much needed Vitamin A to keep night blindness at bay.

It has also been discovered that eggs protect you from those much-dreaded heart diseases.

Next time, remember, eggs are not to be thrown on someone, but to be consumed by you.

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