Emirates’ New First-Class Cabins: Luxury Personified


Gone are the days when travelling was accompanied by equal amounts of discomfort. The Emirates’ new first-class suites have redefined what “luxury travel” means. The new Boeing 777 and Airbus A380 fleet now come with upgraded top-notch suites. For those people out there who love to travel in an extravagant style, you will literally fall for these one-of-a-kind first-class cabins. They have luxuries to rival that of a mini 5-star hotel room. Have a look at the wide range of amenities offered.

A comfortable journey in emirates first class

The suites feature a sleek modern design. Fitted with soft leather seats that come with a hi-tech control panel with mood lightings, these are designed with the sole purpose of offering the passengers the most comfortable journey they have ever undertaken. You can literally sink in the comforts these suites proffer.

What is comfort, if it is not private?

If you are looking for a luxury travel, then you will very well be looking for a private one too. Well, these cabins did not seem to forget that. With only 6 such suites in a plane, separately compartmentalized, you will be hard-pressed to find anything to disturb you. These private cabins have a floor to ceiling sliding doors with a window view. A lot of big guns like Panasonic, Boeing, Teague, Rockwell Collins interior system, Jacques Pierre Jean Design studio have collaborated to bring out one hell of a travelling experience.

A virtual window!

Well, comfortable seats and private journey are offered almost everywhere. So, what else is special about these cabins? Well, for starters, you will have a virtual window which live streams feed from the cameras fitted outside the plane via fiber optic cables. How cool is that! You can enjoy the outside view without even trying to peek here and there through the window.

Is that all? 

They do not compare these cabins to a mini 5-star hotel without reason. You will also have access to a personal wardrobe, a private storage space and temperature settings that you can control. No idea what use a personal wardrobe and a private storage might have in a trip of 12 hours, but if you need it, it is there within reach. And let’s not forget that 32-inch TV and a gourmet dining.

When you travel in this heaven, you will regret that your trip came to an end at all.

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