Ending The Argument – Donut Or Doughnut

The everlasting confusion between the spellings of the donut or doughnut has given the Internet a rather vigorous debate.

While many people vouch for the ‘donut’ to be the current lingo, the older generation has placed a counter argument suggesting its origin.

The original spelling was indeed ‘doughnut’ established in the late eighteenth century. It was Dutch for ‘oily’ cake, which is the accurate representation of a doughnut in fact! The spelling ‘donut’ too came around the same time but it caught on the way later.

The donut became popular around 1950 somewhat as slang or a buzzword of the time. The pop culture inferences of the spelling were brought on by the opening of ‘Dunkin’ Donuts’! Now we know whom to blame for the argument.

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Donut Or DoughnutToday, the younger generation seems to have adopted donut as the official spelling for the mouth watering food item owing to ‘Mad Over Donuts,’ ‘Dunkin Donuts,’ and every single menu reading out the new age spelling.

In a survey conducted, it was found that many of the teenagers believe that there is no such word as a doughnut. They think that donut was how it began, and how it evolved. It is safe to say that they ‘donut’ know the real story of their favorite dessert!

Merriam-Webster accepts both the spellings and shows donut to be a variant of the original doughnut. Indeed, we can use either word and get away with it.

In the end, by dough or by do, we are going to gorge on the amazing delicacy brought to us by our ancestors who never had to face this discussion at all.


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