Staring back at a computer screen can be tiresome for many reasons. Having to work tirelessly sitting in one place may lead to us finding different ways to deal with the stress.

One of the popularly used methods of fighting stress in office is binge-eating. The whole process of eating everything you see – not so literally. Considered unhealthy, it associates itself with the negative atmosphere of the workplace.

Replacing the habit of nervous eating with that of sleeping makes your lifestyle healthier. It helps in dealing with stress and even improves your diet. Subsequently, it makes you more productive while working.

Research conducted on IT employees in China also proved the positive impacts of sleeping on contribution in office. It also showed how unhealthy eating develops a bad mood in individuals that increase their work day stress.

Spontaneous eating can lead to a decreased sense of self-control that may relieve the negative mood but is detrimental to your physical and mental health.

A good night’s sleep can never do you bad, but feeding on junk has many side effects. Nobody has ever claimed an issue with sleeping more, anyway! So nap away to a more productive work ethic.