Foods That Arm You Through The Flu Season


Our lives are filled with running with only a little time to make sure our body is well equipped to face the misadventures that can occur. Consume the inexpensive food items given below and be sure of your body’s ability to fight off all the evil microorganisms during the flu season.


Containing Allicin that produces antioxidants on breaking down, garlic prevents damage to the cell structure in addition to making your food groovier.


Yogurt helps get in beneficial bacteria into your stomach that is essential for the proper digestion of your food.


Tea is commonly known to be extremely useful to bodily functions and has catechins that help boost your immune system.

Dark Chocolate

This too contains antioxidants that help your immune system. Higher the cocoa content in the chocolate, the better.

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Red Bell Peppers

These, amazingly, have twice the amount of vitamin C contained in citrus fruits. So now you know what to choose instead of Vitamin C tablets.


This crunchy stuff has Vitamin E that improves the immune system while also helping you with its anti-inflammatory properties.

Never forget to take your liquids, even in the form of water, to help your whole body stay hydrated.


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