How To Gain Weight In 30 Days [Diet]

Weight is healthy! The world has been preaching about weight loss, yet some people want to add a few pounds for personal and health reasons. However, there is a healthy gain weight and an unhealthy one. You also need to eat foods that are readily available without having to engage in torturous routines. Here is a healthy plan that incorporates Indian foods that will ensure that you add healthy kilos.

Add Calories To Your Food

People who want to lose weight are told to eat foods with fewer calories. The opposite applies if you want to add some weight. It is recommended that you take foods with more calories. Some of these foods include cereals, dried fruits, nuts, meat, pulses and bread, among others. These foods have both calories and proteins that help you gain and maintain a healthy weight. How do you add calories to your diet? Include vegetables in your diet. Some of these vegetables include eggplants, carrots, cabbages, spinach, pumpkins, broccoli and potatoes, among others.

Gain WeightInclude a healthy quantity of red meat- this should be done in moderation. Overdoing it will increase harmful cholesterol other than reducing it.

Prepare your salads with olive oil

Include full calorie dairy products in your meals. While at it, it is advisable to avoid fast foods and cereal bars. Beyond increasing the number of calories, you need to increase the number of meals you take in a day.

Add Proteins To Your Diet

Adding just calories to your meals will lead to increase in body weight. To look fit as you increase your weight, you must raise your protein intake. Some of the foods that will help you in this regard include skinless chicken, fish, dairy products, sprouts, pulses and eggs. Proteins work because they contain amino acids that are crucial in building body muscles. This means that more proteins increase your chances of adding more muscles.

Add Fats To Your Diet

Fats are healthy for your body regardless of the negative publicity the fats receive. They help in hormone production especially testosterone. The good fats are monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats. They are obtained from nuts, flaxseed oil, avocado oil, salmon and leafy vegetables. The healthy fats also provide an excellent source of omega-3 and omega-6.


Weight gain does not have to involve endless hours in the kitchen. Sometimes you want the results faster. The addition of healthy supplements is your best option. There are approved protein supplements that are added to your foods like smoothies and milk. This is an approved way of adding muscle and body mass. Ensure that you follow consumption instructions provided in sachets and containers. You should use the supplements until you have achieved your desired weight or body mass.

Here is a sample diet plan to help you gain weight in a healthy way.


Full cream milk + 5-7 soaked almonds + 2-3 eggs or stuffed parathas/poha + buttered toast/pancake


2-3 chapatti + 1 bowl of rice + 1 bowl of pulses + vegetable + serving of non-veg (egg or chicken) or if veg (paneer or yogurt or soya beans)

Evening Snack

Vegetable or non-veg sandwich + milkshake/fruit juice


You may alternate the foods provided for lunch (can avoid rice) and a glass of milk before sleeping. Make your dinner light depending on when it is taken. To avoid starving in between meals and to keep your energy levels high, take snacks at mid-morning and mid-evening. They include tea or coffee, juice, cookies, dried fruits, and roasted soybeans.

There are other ways to add weight that is not related to food consumption. Exercise is one of them with multiple benefits to your body and general health. You also need to keep a food journal to track what you take. Eliminate instances of stress and always have enough sleep. Maintain high motivation at all times to ensure that you enjoy excellent health.



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