Get Naturally Pink And Fuller Lips At Home

All of us wish to replicate the Marilyn Monroe smile, but our untinted lips seem to stand in the way. A lot of chemical products that we apply on our lips tend to dry our lips out making them look chapped and dark. Instead of spending a lot of money on rosy lip shades, you can make them at home using natural products with no harmful reactions or side-effects!

1. Clean And Moisturized Fuller Lips

Whichever technique you use for brushing your teeth, ensure that it does not hurt your lips. Brush your lips softly while brushing your teeth as well to remove the dark outlines and make them appear fuller. Use a natural organic lip balm to keep your lips hydrated all day long. Avoid licking your lips as they may dehydrate your lips faster.

2. Use Oils To Give Your Lips A Natural Pink Shade

Make your lip balm at home using treated lemon oil, coconut oil, and beeswax. Mix one tablespoon of lemon oil and coconut oil with two tablespoons of beeswax. Heat the mixture for 10 minutes and add two tablespoons of sunflower oil to the mix. Apply it evenly on your lips and leave it on for 15 minutes. Wash off the excess oil and see plump and pink lips.

3. Pomegranate Seeds

As natural as it can get, pomegranate is known to hydrate lips and restore their pink shade. Crush a few pomegranate seeds and mix it with milk cream or plain milk. Apply the mixture on your lips and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. Use this technique every alternate day to see a visible difference fast. You can also use olive oil or sugar instead of milk to attain the same effect.

4. Beetroot Juice

Beetroot does not only leave its stains on your clothes, but it can be used effectively to stain your lips a natural pink. Mixing beetroot juice with carrot and pomegranate juice also helps hydrate the lips and make them appear pinker and fuller. Not only does it work beautifully for the lips, but it can also function as a rouge for your cheeks.

5. Rose Petals For The Perfect Rosy Fuller Lips

An inexpensive flower can provide you with the desired natural pink lip look wherever you go. Crush a few rose petals or boil them in water. Mix the rose petal juice with milk and apply it over your lips and let it sit for 10 minutes. Rose petals give your lips a great color along with a natural scent.

6. A Turmeric Latte For Your Lips

Turmeric has many health benefits for your physical health and even your skin. Mix a tablespoon of turmeric powder with one tablespoon of milk. Apply the mixture on your lips for 5 minutes. Follow this technique for two weeks to achieve best results.

7. Scrub The Excess Dark Stains Away

Scrubbing your lips with homemade organic scrubs can help maintain your lips and lighten their shade. Make your scrub at home using lemon juice and sugar. With lemon’s natural bleaching ability, it helps soften your lips and make them more “pout-friendly”.

Dark lips are usually a result of genetics, but using the tips above you can have naturally pink and fuller lips at home. All the materials used are easily available at home so that you can have a brighter smile everywhere you go!

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