Got an exam? Eating these five foods could help you ace it!

The world seems to be divided in its opinion on ‘fats’ in the human diet. While some regard it as the evil, ugly, stepchild of the dietary community, others now project it to be some sort of a ‘Noah’, charged with the duty of saving humanity from the dark apocalypse of unhealthy eating. So, are fats good, or bad? Well fats, are fats. But if you do wish to convert your fat intake to ‘good’ fat intake so you may be able to ace that math test at university or that history quiz in college, Read on!

Let me tell you a little secret. Your brain’s composition is 60% fat. Okay well, not so surprising. But did you also know that consuming fats will aid a process called ‘ketosis’ which prevents degenerative brain function, and at the same time protects you from the possibility of developing Alzheimer’s later in life? (Recall Allie from ‘The Notebook’?) What’s more, a diet rich in monounsaturated fats could stimulate better learning and memory by increasing the production of acetylcholine in your body! If you think by saying this, I mean you should start gorging on plate fulls of fries and wafers, I do not. However, I am suggesting you create a stellar impression upon your professor without having to gain a pound or two, by merely incorporating these healthy fats into your daily diet!

1. Avocado

AvocadoIt is creamy, green, and brings you one step closer to that ‘A’ on your Physics test. Avocados are packed with monounsaturated fats that hasten blood flow to the brain and therefore help you think faster and better, ruling out the number one cause that hinders test performance. The cherry on the cake? It lowers cholesterol level in your bodies, reducing the risk of a heart disease.

2. Nuts

NutsEver wondered why walnuts are shaped like the brain? Well, this may just be the answer. Walnuts, along with other nuts like peanuts and almonds are rich in vitamin E and have been proven to aid clarity of thought and better test performance. High levels of niacin, omega 3 fatty acids and DHA are just what renders to these little nuts an insane capacity to affect better human health. Studies have also shown that eating nuts can lead to better sperm. Men, are you listening?

3. Sinful, dark chocolate

HERSHEY’SIf at all you needed another reason ( I’m sure you have a handful already) to indulge yourself into dark, chocolaty bliss, here it is!

Studies claim that chocolate helps release endorphins and serotonin in your brain that elevate mood by functioning as anti- depressants. Moreover, dark chocolate is known to increase blood flow to the brain that once again, promotes better thinking, problem-solving, reaction times and attention spans. So grab that bar of HERSHEY’S already!

4. Salmon

Sushi Sushi lover, are you? Well, you’re in for a treat. Raw fish and salmon are packed with omega 3 fatty acids that have a host of health benefits. DHA present in high amounts in fish functions as a sheath for the neurones in the brain that results in a production of neurotransmitters necessary for brain function. So grill that salmon for dinner and voila! Better grades await you.

5. Cheese

Cheese DessertBesides being a rich source of protein, cheese is an important food packed with healthy fats that are known to reduce the risks of type 2 diabetes, among other benefits for the brain and body. What are you waiting for? Grab a cheesy salmon burger right away!

Now, although eating seems to be much easier than actually studying, remember that these foods only aid the better functioning of the brain and do not work if you decide to ditch studying for an exam altogether. Head to the dining hall to grab these healthy fats first, but don’t forget to plan a study session after!

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