Greek Yogurt or Regular Yogurt

Greek Yogurt or Regular Yogurt: Which Is Healthier?

More often than not, you may have noticed that you are more likely to find Greek yogurt in stores more than your regular yogurt. The popularity rating of Greek yogurt is on the rise currently, but the question is: what exactly is the difference between these two anyway?

First off – how are these yogurts made?

The procedure for both starts in a similar way. Firstly, milk is heated and then cooled to the fermentation temperature (106-114°F), before adding bacterial cultures. This mixture becomes fermented after the growth of bacteria, which produces lactic acid and gels the milk proteins to create regular yogurt.

After this is done, the procedure to make Greek yogurt is different. It is more strained than the regular yogurt because the whey is strained off it. Whey is a watery element within the milk, and removing it increases the density of the yogurt.  As a result, it is much creamier and thicker.

Greek Yogurt or Regular Yogurt

Three main differences:

1. More protein

Greek yogurt is packed with more protein than the regular one. Another perk is that you will feel fuller than after eating regular yogurt. Studies suggest than six ounces of Greek yogurt is equivalent to three ounces of lean meat, and this serves as a great alternative to those willing to curb their meat intake.

But, it is a myth that all Greek yogurts are vegetarian. Not all! Some brands may add Gelatin, which is obtained from several animal by-products. So, treating it as an alternative to meat is not a solution for lacto vegetarians.

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2. Less sugar, fewer carbs

As the whey from the milk is strained off while making Greek yogurt, it is also stripped off the sugar and carbs it contains. Studies show how regular yogurt contains double the sugar and carbs than Greek yogurt. However, beware of flavored Greek yogurt, as although it might be tempting, it might be loaded with extra sugar and carbs.

3. More fat

While it might brag about being low on sugar and carbs, Greek yogurt is, however, high in its fats content. In fact, it contains more saturated fats than your regular yogurt. It carries three times more fat than regular yogurt. One option is to try the fat-free or non-fat varieties.

Ultimately, your choice depends on your dietary preferences as well as your desired consistency. Greek yogurt is preferred over the regular one owing to its tangy flavor, creamier consistency and the health benefits it offers.

It is also seen as a healthier alternative to mayonnaise and crème fraiche.

So, are you a Greek yogurt person or a regular yogurt person?


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