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Nowadays every teenager is on a blind urge to join the gym, and some do not even know what they are getting into. It doesn’t matter if you are not a teenager, whatever your intentions may be, you must know what you are getting yourself into. You do not want any lasting injuries on your plate to deal with, do you? Many people, without proper guidance, end up with damaging their muscles and other unexpected results. On a severe scale, you might hamper your immunity system too. Just going out to the gym and working out, running miles, will not give you the expected results. You must maintain a proper diet throughout your tenure in the gym so that you might not end up with the aforementioned problems and can get the maximum out of your efforts. Diet is, in fact, the deciding factor on whether you are on the way to a gain or a loss. 

Be mindful of your deficiencies

Before joining the gym, make sure you do not have any nutrient deficiency. Some nutrient deficiency can make your life very painful during the workout. For example, a Vitamin D or a calcium deficiency, workouts might lead to a weakened immunity. For a magnesium deficient person, workouts can leave bad cramps and delayed recovery. So be sure to take care of any deficiency you might have before going on to the gym

What should you have before the workout?

You all know that a balanced diet is essential for a healthy body, but it plays an even more important role during the workout because what you eat/drink around training determines your progress. The food you have before workout must be rich in carbs and protein, as they will provide you the sufficient energy to pull you through the workout. Some of the food combinations you can try are fruits + nut butter (like peanut or almond) or 1 fruit with a handful of nuts or 1 bowl of curd with fruits (yogurt parfait) or boiled sweet potato with a handful of nuts. One of these food combos is a must for gym beginners as they are usually not used to the heavy workout that follows and without the necessary input a sudden bout of physical insertion might leave them dizzy and hypoglycaemic.

Hydrate your body well

Many people do not give much importance to the water requirements of the body. Staying properly hydrated before any workout is also one of the basic elements. If you start out without much water in your body, it affects your performance severely. The water intake must start 2 or 3 hours before any workout. The amount of water you should consume depends on how taxing the workout is. If you are going to sweat too much or going to work out in the scorching heat, you must have at least 500-600 ml of water. The best way to ensure that you are hydrating yourself properly is, weighing yourself before and after the exercise/event and drink at least 400-500 ml of water for every 1 pound lost.

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Gym/dietary supplements are not advised at a beginners’ stage. They are best suited for people who either have a severe deficiency, suffering from digestive problems that hamper nutrients absorption or a medical condition. If you are looking at pre or post-wedding weight loss, make sure you do things properly. Have a proper diet of nuts, hydrate yourself and get some adequate sleep.

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