Health Issues of Using Headphones

Technology is evolving at a faster rate than we can perceive, letting us savor the luxuries and comforts they offer. But tagging along with them, hidden in plain sight, are the disadvantages and side-effects. One such device is the headphones and earphones, which seems to have a firm hold on today’s youth. Let it be the streets, the train, the airport, or even the bus; it is almost impossible not to find someone wearing headphones/earphones. Wherever you turn, you will find at least a bunch of people with their headphones on, oblivious to their surroundings. But do you know that, if you are using headphones, you are not only playing with your health but those who are around you? I know it is hard to believe, but do read on.

Hearing complications

One obvious complication is the loudness of the audio which plays into your ear. The fact that the sound from the earphones goes directly into your ears with hardly any attenuation is to be taken seriously. If you listen to a playback at 100 decibels for even 15 minutes, you are at a high risk of facing a hearing loss. So, whenever you use headphones, make sure the intensity of the sound is always less than 90 decibels at all cost.

Ear infections aren’t far away

Almost no one keeps their earphones only to themselves. At one point in time, you might have lent it to your friends or family members. This is what makes the spread of infections very easy because it is the best way for bacteria to travel from one ear to another. So next time when you share, consider sanitizing them or even better, stop sharing.

No air passage

Nowadays, all companies are trying their best to give you a first class audio experience. But for that, you need to prevent external interference and that means stopping the air from outside. A nice hearing experience is great, but that means you are at an even higher risk of infections.

Numbness and pain

Those who consistently use headphones or earphones are left with numb ears. It is like their hearing abilities are turned off for some time and then turned back on. This numbness can be dangerous. It also turns out that a regular use of earphones might result in a sharp pain in a certain point of the ear.


Affects the brain

Though no strong medical evidence has been found, the Electromagnetic waves coming out of these notorious devices are believed to cause serious damage to your brain. There’s more. Nowadays, all most every headphone comes with a Bluetooth feature and people who use it are found to be more prone to brain-related problems.

Accidents on the road

Though everyone knows that using headphones while driving and walking in the streets can be dangerous, they seem to turn a blind eye to it. The headphones steal your attention which is better devoted on the road. Quite a few accidents occur due to the carelessness of today’s youngsters, not only endangering their lives but also those of others too.

Still, want to use earphones?

Despite all the warnings, people still can’t stay away from these gadgets. So here are some tips, so that you may use it wisely.

  • Try not to use those small earphones that go deep into your canal. It is better if you use those big headphones.
  • As mentioned earlier, avoid sharing your earphones with others.
  • As you know the consequences of using headphones while driving and walking, try not to do so.
  • As much as it is nice to hear music blasting into your ears, do not play with your hearing at stake. Avoid loud music when using headphones.

Sure, technology makes our lives easier, but it has both sides of the coin. Be careful which side it faces.

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