Food More Photogenic

Here’s How You Can Make Your Food More Photogenic

Social media has made way for another set of skilled hands featuring their talent in what we call as ‘food photography’. Many experts have taken it up on Instagram to display some exceptional looking food items. It could be decorated desserts or even a regular sandwich, foodies out there can make anything look beautiful. It’s gaining popularity because everyone loves some wonderful garnishing that can make their food look good and yet, taste yummy. From picking the perfect filter to adding the best props to their photos, these food photographers will leave no stone unturned to capture a perfect snap of their favorite dishes.

More and more establishments are making sure their food looks good on the plate, but why? Only because they know how much people are into clicking pictures and posting them online before actually eating them. More views on the photo will obviously attract more customers to their restaurants.

But what’s the trick to getting that gorgeous click of your food more photogenic? Well, if you’re looking to pursue something in food photography, you gotta check this one out. It’s all about making your dish look amazing without disturbing the taste and quality. Here’s how you can easily manage to capture that mind-blowing picture.


Food More Photogenic

You can’t get a good picture if your food doesn’t look appealing enough. It is a myth that Indian dishes don’t look good, but using some simple ideas can get you a long way. Check out some cool tricks to pump up the photographs with bowls, plates, or other props that you can use. You can also add a garnish of spices like coriander or saffron to get that sprinkle of creativity in your dish. Basically, style your food before you actually take the photograph.


Cafe Lighting

Yes, you must take care about is the lighting under which you’re planning to capture your photo. The food might look great and you would have the table set-up, but the photo will end up being a big fail if the light isn’t doing justice. Make sure you are receiving natural light so preferably take the shot during the day. Open up any windows to fill up the area with light. If your restaurant is air conditioned, you can try to find a well-lit place to make the click.

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Food More Photogenic

You can take a look at some food bloggers on Instagram who are running a successful channel. Now you need to figure out why they are doing so great. The easiest trick to having a wonderful photo is by being unique. If your viewers are seeing something they can’t find anywhere else, they’re bound to be attracted. Make use of some quirky and fashionable accessories like mugs, glasses, table napkins, or coasters. You can design your own ideas as well. If you’re planning to get an imprint of your brand name, make sure the pattern is one of a kind.

Taking a remarkable picture of your dish isn’t difficult. There aren’t any rules or procedures to follow to get to the goal but you can do a lot by using the creative side of your mind. Shake up some extraordinary techniques and just take the click.

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