Here’s How You Can Tighten Loose Skin After Weight Loss


When you’re on the diet and you plan to lose weight in a matter of months, you will meet with an enemy known as loose skin. Now, there’s no need to panic because the skin is just an ordinary organ of the human body which can loosen and tighten according to the flesh inside it.

But if you’re suddenly losing too many pounds at once, chances are your skin will take up to 2 years to regain its original texture. You might also end up having stretch marks because of the loose skin. But before you meet with that complication, here’s what you can do to avoid getting loose skin while you’re losing weight.

Don’t lose the weight quickly

There are a lot of factors that affect the elasticity of your skin. If you’re losing weight too quickly with the help of a crash diet, the skin might be affected. Instead, aim for 1-2 pounds loss per week so that your skin can be accustomed. You can also include weight training in your workout so that you don’t lose lean muscle mass. Check out the best foods to eat during the weight loss process.

Keep yourself hydrated

Keeping your body up to date with its fluid content can do wonders for your skin. You must consume at least 2 liters of water while you’re on a diet so that you can stay hydrated and secrete the toxins out of your body faster.

Feed the skin stores

Your skin is made up of elastin and collagen. If you want to keep your skin intact, make sure you’re consuming foods that help build up the collagen and elastin in your skin. Milk, tofu, cottage cheese, nuts, beans, and fish can all help. You can also squeeze in the majority of these items after your workout to replenish the sources.

Keep your skin healthy

Take care of your skin by exfoliating and moisturizing it on a regular basis. Removing dead cells from the superficial layer of the skin can help maintain the softness and prevent it from loosening. Avoid harsh soaps and use more minerals and sea salts to make your skin feel refreshed. You could even use ingredients like rosewater, aloe vera gel, soy protein and yeast extract to nourish your skin.

Why shouldn’t you consider surgery?

Our skin just like any other organ has the ability to come back to its original texture but only so much. If you’ve been pregnant for 9 months, you can manage to tighten your skin again. But if you’ve carried an extra hundred pounds for years altogether, considering surgery would be risky. The sudden loss of fats in a particular area will not agree with your skin. It will snap back, but it will remain saggy. That’s why doctors recommend slow and steady.

Bottom Line

The elasticity of your skin will be affected by age, that’s when losing weight quickly comes into the picture. Instead of worrying about your skin not being able to tighten after weight loss, focus on exercising and eating right to make yourself healthier.

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