honey never expires

Here’s Explaining Why Honey Never Expires

Before you throw away the half-filled honey jars after a year, we suggest a taste test with this one since there have been researches and experiments that prove that honey never expires ever.

Not that we recommend stocking up your cabinets with jars of honey that will last you an entire lifetime at once, but nobody is saying that is not a healthy idea. If properly sealed and kept away from humidity, honey can last for as long as you want. Honey’s hygroscopes and pH levels ensure that it does not spoil – ever!

Though the honey jars suggest that it may expire within a year and a half, it does not. Honey being very low in moisture does not help bacteria or microorganisms survive within, making it an ideal durable food item.

It may form a cloudy appearance after a long time, but that is due to crystallization. The temperature forms a snowy layer along with the glucose and fructose ratio as well as the pollen content. It is still safe to eat.

Archaeologists have sampled honey from Egyptian tombs that are known to be almost three thousand years old. What would seem to be rather dangerous and unhygienic, in reality, was realized to be absolutely healthy!

When they tried the honey, they found that the substance was not spoiled at all and was healthy for consumption even today. It also shows how the Egyptian knew what they were cultivating very well for they gave us a taste of their time – literally.

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That being said, we speak only for raw and unprocessed honey. Raw honey contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that keep us healthy and help improve skin. It also helps in weight loss and acts as an excellent substitute for sugar.


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