Here’s Why You Should Have Indian Staple Poha For Breakfast

The nearest English translation for Poha is flattened rice. But we have an array of many enticing names for this dish: Aval, Avalakki, Chiura, Chuda, Poha, Chidwa.

These flat, dry flakes of rice swell when water is added to them and have varying preparations across different regions in India. Usually, the ingredients are sautéed onions, potatoes, peanuts, etc., and per the spices used, they can turn out to be tangy, crispy, or spicy. They camouflage well with the flavour of the ingredients used. But their benefits surpass even the strength of their flavours. Read on.

1. Balanced Diet At Its Best

A plate of piping hot poha delivers to your body a whole range of nutrients including carbohydrates from the rice and potatoes, proteins from peas, and an abundance of vitamins and minerals. Peanuts, which are often added to the dish, are a good source of antioxidants.

2. Digestion

It makes for the perfect breakfast food since it is easily digested by the body. The ideal breakfast gives you enough energy to get your machinery kicking for the day, without making you bloated. With our current lifestyles, Poha as a breakfast meal is just that. So if your digestion is impaired, poha is your saviour.

3. Hunger Pangs

Eating Poha makes you feel full, unlike other breakfasts that claim to be light but leave you yearning for more. Besides, poha can help shove away those painful hunger pangs in no time. For an even better, fuller meal, Add sprouts, soya nuggets, boiled eggs. Low gluten levels

In an era where more people than ever are conscious about the content of gluten in the food, poha is a blessing. For gluten-intolerant people, this also becomes the ideal snack to munch on. Poha can be consumed by diabetics too.

4. Suit Your Palate

Poha does not have a taste of its own- it acquires the taste of the spices, dressing and other ingredients. On its own it has a bland taste, leaving you an option to prepare it crunchy or soft. You can go for beaten rice made from brown rice for an extra dose of health. The ‘health’ factor can stretch as much as you want it to- garnish it with tomatoes, coconut, cilantro and you have a dish that is as much a gem for your eyes as it is for your stomach and intestines.

5. Perfect Dish For Iron Intake

Poha contains 20 mg of iron in every 100g raw rice flakes. With the current lifestyles, anaemia is a very rampant disease, which makes these rice flakes even more convenient as a breakfast. The common practice of Squeezing a lemon over the preparation enables faster absorption of the iron by the body.


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