Having Ice Cream For Breakfast Is Good For You, Japanese Scientist Claims

Late nights always result in hurried mornings. So, our breakfast always takes a toll in this mess. Usually, no one really makes food that they enjoy eating for breakfast. Breakfast is always composed of foods that are easier to make like corn flakes, porridge, eggs, etc. Basically, It’s all boring stuff! Everyone who’s with me on this have a reason to dance around now because research done by various nutritionists around the globe says that having Ice Cream for breakfast is good for you. How’s that? Let’s see

1. Ice cream makes you smarter

Ice Cream for BreakfastIf only we knew this fact when we were kids, we could have had tons of Ice cream without getting scolded by our parents for having too much Ice Cream. A research conducted by a Japanese scientist, Professor Yoshihiko Koga of Kyorin University found that people who started their day with Ice Cream were more alert mentally. They were quicker at solving mental exercises compared to others. This is because Ice cream gives an immediate boost to the brain activity.

2. Ice cream is a mood elevator

Ice Cream for BreakfastThis helps you start your day with an upbeat mood instead of being sleepy. A London-based study found that Ice cream directly impacts orbitofrontal cortex of the brain which is the pleasure center of the brain.

3. Ice cream makes you feel good

Ice Cream for BreakfastIce cream is a comfort food. It has always helped most of us get out of crabby moods. And some of us even get through a bad breakup or a difficult day at work. So, starting a day with ice cream can help you kick start your day feeling good and comfy!

4. Ice Cream boosts sexual drive

Ice Cream boosts sexual driveYes, that’s right. Energy reserves of your muscles get build up by the calcium and phosphorous present in Ice cream. This, in turn, energises your sexual performance and libido. This is an additional benefit ice cream can give you to spice things up in your sex life.

5. Ice cream as a breakfast helps you to not gain weight

Ice creamIf you are a sucker for Ice cream and sweets, then most likely you cannot sleep without having a sweet dish as a part of your meal. When you have ice cream in the night or late in the day, there are more chances for the fat to get stored in your body resulting in you putting on weight as very rarely we work out late in the day after having dinner. So, by having ice cream for breakfast you have the rest of the day to burn the fat you induced into your body in the form of ice cream early in the morning.  And having started your day with a sweet dish, you will most likely not have any cravings to eat a sweet dish during the rest of the day.

So, I am going to stock my refrigerator with Ice creams of all flavours now, you should do the same!


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