Drink Water After Drinking Milk

Is It Safe To Drink Water After Drinking Milk?

As we all know, milk is said to be a complete meal in itself. There are various nutrients that are buried in its curdy white depths which includes, but are not limited to, iron, calcium, vitamin-B, which are vital for the day to day bodily functions. It gives your body a boost of energy and also makes your bones stronger. But as you might have heard, there are a lot of food item combinations that don’t sit well together. Milk is no exception. For example, pairing milk with citrusy foods like certain fruits is said to be bad in Ayurveda. But, what about drinking water after having a warm cup of milk? Most of us, if not all, must be cautioned by someone or the other against drinking water right after drinking a cup of warm milk. Most of these sort of things we hear are usually passed from one person to another and the authenticity attached to them cannot be verified. So, is this a myth developed over time or a true statement based on some fact?

Drink Water

The oft-repeated warning says that drinking water right after milk can disturb the stomach and cause digestive issues. But, is that really true? Some believe that drinking water before having a cup of milk is healthy and that drinking it after is harmful, whereas others believe it the other way round.

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So far, no scientific study or research has been conducted on which eating habit is safe and which one is harmful. However, people complaining of stomach pain or uneasiness and heaviness, if they drink water after having milk are considerable. One reason, why this might be is because of the fact that water slows down the metabolism process of milk proteins, thus making the stomach produce more acid to digest the same amount of milk because of water diluting the digestive juices. This makes our stomach acidic resulting in the pain. The problem is especially bad for people who have a hypersensitive stomach.

The same rationale also applies to why drinking water right after food causes heaviness and a feeling of bloating. However, there is nothing that proves a long-term or any adverse effect of a glass of water after milk. It is also appropriate to mention that milk is made up of water particularly, with the additional fats and proteins filled in. So, drinking water after consuming milk in itself wouldn’t be the cause of a long-term trouble, but it is better to be careful and consult a physician if you are known to have a history of digestive problems.

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