Is Lobster Healthy Food?


If you are finally planning to abandon red meat owing to its disadvantages like large amounts of saturated fats, lobster might be just the right food which fits your health requirements as well as pleases your taste buds. A dish which was once considered a luxury food item, this seafood is lean meat, packed with a variety of minerals and vitamins.

While they are now considered a delicacy and usually found in very many seven-star, fine-dine restaurants, lobsters were once served in prisons and were also a poor man’s food. Nonetheless, from late 19th century onwards, this fantastic marine food item quickly became one of the most sought-after extravagant dishes of all time. From lobster salads to lobster rolls, this food is entering the mainstream menus of not only food lovers, but also health-conscious people. However, it has its pitfalls as well, making it necessary to consume it in moderation.

Below, we have listed down the boons and banes of this food item:

Lobster Improves brain functioning

As you start consuming this dish regularly, your intake of choline and vitamin B-12 significantly increases. These nutrients are essential for the brain, as choline is involved in the production of neurotransmitters, whereas vitamin B-12 promotes the wellbeing myelin- a substance critical to the proper functioning of the nervous system. Along with this, B-12 speeds up the red blood cell function. 120 milligrams of choline is found in one serving, plus choline also preserves the overall condition of your cell membranes.

Downsides of sodium and cholesterol

Lobster contains high levels of sodium and cholesterol: with every 6 ounces of this food, you are consuming 719mg of sodium and 216mg of cholesterol. They can unreasonably boost your blood pressure, and may also increase cholesterol levels. These elements are harmful to the smooth functioning of your cardiovascular system. It is vital that an excess consumption of these two nutrients is curbed, to prevent heart diseases.

Low in fats, high in protein

This seafood is loaded with proteins- every 6 ounces of serving offers you 28g of protein. Not only that, it is a lean food, meaning that diet-conscious people can surely integrate this food item into their routine. With only 1.2g of fat and 0.3g of saturated fat, this protein offers you amino acids to maintain healthy tissues. Proteins not only sustain your bones and the cartilage but they also mainly preserve the health of your blood.

Advantages of Selenium

This incredible seafood possesses selenium, which promotes the healthy functioning of thyroid glands. Studies have ascertained that those suffering from thyroid diseases have a selenium deficiency, and servings of lobster can significantly raise the levels of selenium, thus proving to be beneficial for thyroid glands. A prominent advantage is that selenium promotes weight loss and slows the dangers of diabetes. A regular intake of selenium is necessary to maintain your immune system.

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Rich in minerals

This food item will grace your diet as it contains all the essential minerals like zinc, potassium, phosphorous and magnesium. Respectively, it provides 5 percent, 7 percent, 21 percent and 15 percent of the RDA (recommended dietary allowance). These minerals help in maintaining the bone health, keeping the glucose under control, producing energy and looking after the complete neurological well-being. Minerals, too, help in losing weight.

Earlier, this dish was only consumed as a status symbol and treated as a luxury, to be enjoyed once in a blue moon. But today, with the widespread knowledge of the host of benefits that lobsters contain, it has become a part of the diet regimes of many.

While this is quite easily the perfect meat to stay healthy and lose weight, there are a lot of concerns that should be well tended to. If consumed in moderation, lobsters are quite evidently the most delicious and healthy food that you might come across!

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