Is Mutton Or Goat Meat Healthy?


A common misconception that seems to prevail among the general populace is that they assume all non-vegetarian foods are unhealthy. It is true that they have high calories and hence are difficult to digest. But that doesn’t mean they are unhealthy. We just have to take care of our level of consumption. Experts suggest that consumed in a limited quantity, all non-vegetarian foods such as mutton, chicken, beef, pork, fish, etc. are healthy. And moreover, there are also other factors involved in deciding whether a food is healthy or not. For example, it depends on how you prepare your dish. If you load this animal-sourced food with excessive oil and spices, you are sure to reduce its nutritional value.

Mutton, also known as red meat, is a vital part of a diet for those people who are suffering from infertility issues and protein deficiency. Out of all the non-vegetarian foods, mutton has the greatest diversity of the nutrients it has. There are many essential nutrients stored in large quantities in mutton such as vitamin B, vitamin E, vitamin K, cholesterol, protein, electrolyte, natural fats, omega 3 fatty acids, omega 6 fatty acids, calcium, zinc, iron, etc. Usually, your diet has to consist of a wide variety of foods, so that you get all the essential nutrients. But, in the case of mutton, since it has a wide range of nutrients all by itself, eating it is the best way to get the optimum nourishment for the body.

Sure, consuming too much mutton is not good for health, but here are 12 reasons you might want to look at so that you include them in your diet in a reasonable quantity.

Feeling overweight?

Planning on going on an excessive exercise regime to undergo weight reduction? Not necessary. You can just include mutton in your regular diet and that will do the job, for mutton consists of proteins in high amounts that act as hunger suppressing agents that leaves your stomach full for longer. And what’s more, it has a very low-fat content, which means you won’t put up extra weight. But make sure you do not overdo the cooking with frying and too much spices.

Too much cholesterol?

Too much cholesterol doesn’t bode well for one’s heart as it may result in heart attacks. Recently, many studies have come up with the conclusion that mutton is very useful in reducing the cholesterol levels in the body. The unsaturated fats present in it are very useful in increasing the amount of HDL or good cholesterol at the same time decreasing the levels of LDL or bad cholesterol in the body. They also help in healing the inflammations in the arteries and they prevent the formation of plaque and blockages.

Menstrual cramps bothering you too much?

Tired of trying to find a cure for your monthly dose of pain? Goat meat comes to the rescue. Mutton is quite rich in iron which helps in increasing the haemoglobin level and the quality level of blood in the body. The vitamins and minerals present in it takes care of the inflammations and internal infections.

Treats infertility problems

Nowadays, infertility is one of the major issues prevailing among men and it is not something very easy to treat. Though medications might help you somewhat they have drastic side effects. Mutton will help you here. It comprises of torpedo and bile which are essential in treating these issues. So start eating mutton three or four times a week and start feeling better.

Scared of heart attacks?

Cardiologists generally advise their patients to resort to a diet which consists of mutton before suggesting any medications. A very inactive lifestyle attracts all sorts of problems and diseases, heart attacks not being the least of them. As mentioned above, goat meat helps in reducing the bad cholesterol and augments the good cholesterol in our body, which reduces the probability of heart attacks drastically.

It helps with cancer too

Red meat is extremely effective and is highly recommended by doctors for the prevention of cancer. Cancer occurs when uncontrolled cell multiplication takes place within the body. Nutrients like Vitamin B, choline, selenium are very effective in tackling this problem and they are readily found in mutton.

Add diabetes to the list

It turns out that the nutrients in mutton that manages to keep our heart healthy and manages our cholesterol level also help in maintaining the blood sugar level in the body. People who follow a sedentary lifestyle must incorporate mutton in their diet at least thrice a week so that they do not have to worry about type II diabetes.

Pregnant women’s nutritional boost

Pregnant women are generally prescribed iron tablets along with foods rich in Vitamin B and are advised to include fruits and vegetables containing essential minerals in their diet. Iron helps to maintain a high level of haemoglobin in the bloodstream so that both the mother and the child growing in her womb are not affected by anaemia. All the above-prescribed nutrients are readily found in goat meat. Mutton, thus, helps in prevention of anaemia while helping to improve the immunity system.

Let’s not forget the brain

Children need to have mutton in their regular diet as they are known to improve one’s brain health many folds. Consumption of mutton in limited quantities will not only improve the functioning of brain but also helps in increasing the memorising capabilities. Even adults are benefitted by this as they help in improving your concentration and keeps your brain active.

Increases the metabolism rates

Metabolism rate determines how fast your body is able to convert food into energy. And it is obvious that a high metabolism rate is essential for a healthy body. A regular regime of physical activities will boost your metabolism rates. But for those who live a sedentary life, this will be very difficult. However, if you include mutton thrice a week in your food, it will ensure you have a faster metabolism rate and will provide you with the much-needed energy. This is because, Niacin, which boosts the metabolism rate is present in mutton.

Are you stressed out?

Nowadays a stress-free mind is very hard to find, which turns out to be no surprise considering the life the people of this generation lead. But, stress and anxiety will result in a drastic decrease in the amount of productive work you will be able to do. So, it is necessary to keep these mood swings and stress at bay. One of the possible ways is to eat red meat regularly. Mutton has various nutrients and antioxidants that work as mood enhancers and it also helps in reducing the stress levels. Mutton also ensures that you get adequate and sound sleep, the lack of which will result in stress and anxiety

Boosts your immune system

These days, getting ill will not be that difficult considering the level of pollution and our unhealthy diet. What we need is a strong immune system so that this does not happen. Goat meat is loaded with a package of essential vitamins, minerals and proteins that helps you to improve your immune system. So, including mutton in your platter for at least twice a week will help boost your immune system.

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