You just can’t say no to rice! *Burps*

“I like rice. Rice is great if you’re hungry and want to have two thousand of something”  – Mitch  Hedberg.

Nothing could woo us Asians better than a bowl of freshly cooked steam rice. Ah, the aroma, the fine texture, and the near perfect color! Rice is the food for your soul. If you’re not already a crazy rice fan like me, here are 6 reasons why you should be!

For all the nutritional value. 

Let’s start with the obvious. the second biggest food crop in the world, rice is a great energy source. For starters, rice is rich in starch, high in protein, high in fiber and low in sugar. Abundant in carbohydrates, rice provides instant energy for all your bodily needs. Need I say more?!

rice everydayWhat’s more, if you’re an insomniac, a wholesome rice meal will help you sleep!

“For the love of Biryani, haye!”

Here’s a quick question, why do you think other actors love Salman Khan?

To be invited to his biryani parties, duh!

BiryaniYou could be a total weirdo but I’d still hang out with you, but the day you tell me that you ain’t no biryani fan, it’s over between us!

Let me get my facts straight, you aren’t a foodie until you’ve tried Biryani. If you happen to be a patron, your darkest fear would be finding multiple ‘elaichis’ in your biryani. On the other hand, finding a chicken leg piece hidden in your biryani would make your day!

Sambar and chaval for the free spirited. 

No south Indian meal can ever be over without some sambar, rasam and chaval!  I personally love it because of the sheer freedom I get while eating this. No spoons, fellas!

I’ll let the sambar trickle down my hand and lick it back up all the way to my wrists! Slurp slurp!

Explore the lanes of Mumbai for the perfect triple Schezwan rice.

Have you wandered on the streets of Mumbai for that perfect triple Schezwan rice?

Mumbai’s local roadside creations comprise of a layer of rice, a layer of Hakka noodles, crispy noodles and a layer of spicy vegetables all mixed in the hot Szechuan sauce. Enough to tantalize your taste buds, triple Schezwan rice is recommended to all those who love spicy.

Guilt-free pleasures with brown rice.

Don’t you hate getting up to the memories of your last night’s shenanigans, the one where you’ve acted on your instincts and given in to all the temptations?! Cut it out, I’m talking about rice. I know you think it makes you fat so here’s a healthy alternative for you.

brown riceA healthier version of white rice, brown has the hull and the bam intact. It has high fiber content and is an antioxidant.

Tawa pulao, Mexican hot pot, lemon rice and other inventions!

There’s fried rice, there’s the lip smacking garlic cilantro lime rice or the Lebanese rice with vermicelli, we have enough variety to last months! Seriously, who are these kind souls who’ve invented these recipes?

lemon rice everydayNow pardon me please, I’ve gotta go eat some rice!

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