Just Like Joy, Sadness Is A Hero Too

Yes, the portrayal of sadness in Inside Out was a little bit controversial as she was made slightly overweight and blue with glasses while Joy was thin and glowing. Sadness has always been the negative sign in the sad, happy binary since time immemorial. But tragedy and misery have been celebrated in our great classics. The sad part contributed to their immortality. Despite the negative aura that surrounds sadness it does have a few benefits and is necessary for your general well-being.

Sadness increases your concentration

It causes your subconscious to work with more attention. Your thinking will become sharper, helping you out in adverse conditions.

Makes your memory better

Studies had shown that people could remember more details of their surroundings when their moods were down due to bad weather. It also helps to distinguish between right and wrong information.

Sharpens your judgment

Being sad helps keep down your biases and form better opinions about others. It also prevents you from falling for their lies.

Better communication

Sadness, causing better attentiveness has been seen to help people understand and interact with others more efficiently. They are also able to make others see things their way.

Motivates you

It has been seen to create better motivation in people, moving them towards desired courses of action compared to those who are happier.

Opens the flood of creativity

It has been a popularly assumed fact that sad people produce great works of art, whether it be music, paintings, poetry. A lot of the great poets created their masterpieces in periods of melancholy.

Don’t let your sadness get you down (:P). Use it well!

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