Do You Know Velaa, The Most Luxurious Island Of Maldives Yet?


Yes, Velaa is its name. And it comes straight out of dreams. This island in Maldives is everything you have ever wished for and you would die to go there after knowing about the place. There are islands and here are private islands, which you can rent. And Velaa Private Island is a synonym for luxury and beyond. Here, the winds make the palm trees dance, and the crystalline waves kiss the white beach while the cerulean sky beams smile and watch the entire play. To summarise, Velaa is where magic at. Let’s have a tour.

Where in Maldives is Velaa?

Located in the magnificent Noonu Atoll, 183 kilometres north of Male, the capital city, Velaa is a one of its kind resort crafted by its owner for the refined traveller in you. Here, you will get only the best, right from the time when you set foot on it;’ premises. This boutique hideaway promises you memories that you will cherish for a lifetime by not being the typical resorts that you stumble upon every other day. It will provide you everything you could ever wish for, and beyond that.

Tie the knot at Velaa

This is the perfect place to celebrate your big fat wedding as the ever lapping waves and the eternal breeze just set the right mood for you and your guests. The amazing ceremony under the elegant gazebo will be just like the one in your dreams, after your early morning retreat at the My Blend Spa by Clarins to calm yourself. Think of the gazebo decorated with lanterns, flowers and soft candles- and you walking down the aisle as the soft lights make you glow like a fairy. After the celebration is over, you can treat your guests at a variety of restaurants- ranging from European delicacies from the overwater Aragu to Southeast Asian and Teppan food from Tavaru to traditional Maldivian cuisine from Athiri. And of course after the long day, head to your Romantic Pool Residence by a boat, which is an ultra private one-bedroom cottage situated above the lagoon with its personal chef and butler. It is also equipped with a sundeck and a Jacuzzi, which make you feel close to what heaven feels like.

What else to do?

Claim the whole kingdom of Velaa for minimum four nights as Velaa Private Island lets you privatise it for yourself. You can arrange your wedding, a mega birthday bash, corporate getaways as well as family reunions without worrying about not getting anything but the best at your disposal. There is a watersport centre for the adventurer where you can enjoy flyboarding or jet surfing, and a 9 hole golf course for the tasteful traveller to swing a club at. And of course, you can always get the ocean view while lazing at your room.

In short, Velaa Private Island is the land where Utopia is live!

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