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How To Know If You’re Actually Hungry

Listening to our bodies is the first healthy thing that we should do. But is it always reliable? Experts say that the feelings of hunger might always not be right. The sense of hunger come in many colors- sometimes the stomach growls, while we may feel weak in the others. Hunger is not only a natural feeling but a conditioned response as well. For example, if you eat every day at 6 p.m., you might feel ‘hungry’ at the same time even if you eat an hour before on a given day. Thus, the feelings of hunger might be psychological and may facilitate bloating of your body. After a while, you might get more confused in telling if your body really needs food. One way of figuring it out is to check if your blood sugar level is low.

This triggers your hormones so that you feel the desire to eat. Hence, you might deduce that this is a legitimate way to determine real hunger, yet it is not in some cases. Simple things like a movie about food can trigger the hormones as well, giving you a similar feeling. So, how do you tell if you are actually hungry? Ask these questions to yourself to know if you really are.

When was the last time I had food?

actually hungry

The digestion mechanisms of your body are same, even if your hunger experiences are different. If your last meal was a small one, like some snack, then the feeling might be real. Also, if it has been several hours since you last had food, you are supposed to be famished. But if you had a decent-sized meal few hours before, your body might be fooling you.

Would I be able to any food that someone gives to me?

actually hungry

The smell of noodles from the roadside restaurant causes a feeling of hunger in your stomach. But the healthy salad in your lunchbox doesn’t make you feel that ravenous at the same time. Nope. Revert. You aren’t actually hungry.

Am I emotionally alright?

Emotional experiences such as stress, anxiety, loneliness, frustration, and procrastination are infamous for convincing you that you are hungry. Ask yourself if you are experiencing any of them. If yes, be a little skeptical about it. Try to distract yourself and do something else. If the feeling goes away, then you know what it was.

Do I feel good after drinking water?

Hunger often turns out as a transient sensation. So try to drink water and see if it subsides. Or do something to engross yourself. If it goes away, the feeling will be unreal.

drinking water

A sensation of a twinge of hunger may is not an emergency for your body, but starving yourself is equally wrong. So, evaluate before you decide to eat and honor your hunger more effectively by asking these questions.


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