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Lady Baga: Bringing Goa Vibes To Delhi

Goa!! Who doesn’t want to pack their bags and run to this magical place, but sometimes that seems like a distant dream. Well, we know a place which can take you to the beaches of Goa in a jiff. Lady Baga, opened in Connaught Place in place of Monkey Bar, is located in P Block, right opposite PVR Rivoli.

This place recreates the vibe of a Goan beach shack, with beach chairs, Goa pottery, Bead curtains and projection of the waves on the wall. Everything here blends so perfectly that you will surely forget the Delhi heat for some time.

Lady Baga, CP

A place might have best of ambiance but what attracts people the most is its food, and this place brings the best coastal flavors to your plate. If you are hitting this place then you don’t want to miss bangda raechado, a fried fish stuffed with traditional Goan spices. For the people who love spices go for the traditional Goan fish curry with Goan red rice and for those who like their food a bit mild; fish caldin – a mild yellow fish curry simmered in coconut milk, is an excellent option.

The meal gets heavenlier when you wash it down with Chourico Mary, cashew-infused vodka mixed with chourico-infused tomato juice and Don’t miss the Bloody Mary that uses Goan chorizo infused vodka or just the vodka shots flavored with coconut, jamun, etc.

Where: P-3/90, Connaught Circus, New Delhi
Call: 081306 56644
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