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List Of Food Combinations You Should Avoid

Food is important for our daily lives. We can’t do anything without it or with more of it. Eating the right proportion and combinations of food is vital. It is quite difficult to follow the rule in the book regarding food. So, we’ve put together few of the necessary Combinations of food you should think before putting that spoonful of food into your mouth.

1. Dairy With Radish, Fruit Or Raisins

Milk slows down the process of digestion while fruits are quick to digest. Combining both of them may create acidity in the body.

While also dairy cools up your insides while radish is heating. Dairy shouldn’t be mixed with any other food as it may delay the process of digestion.

2. Fish And Milk

Combining milk with any non-veg food item like fish, chicken, and meat can be harmful. As milk is a cooling food while fish and meat are heating foods. Consuming them together can create toxins in your body.

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3. Salt And Milk

Milk is known for its tissue-nourishing properties whereas salt is an astringent. It’s a combination you should always avoid.

4. Chilled Beverages

Avoid consuming iced drinks, ice-creams or cold drinks during or directly after a meal as it may hamper your digestion.

5. Sweets In The Late Evenings

Try avoiding all kinds of yogurts and sweets after 6 pm. Eating them will increase the production of extra mucous in your system.

6. Cooked Honey

Raw honey has many beneficial medicinal properties and is advised to be eaten while honey when cooked, changes its chemical properties to a gluey, sticky substance that is toxic to our body.

7. Ghee And Honey

Honey and ghee have different properties. Ghee cools while honey heats. These food products shouldn’t be combined.

8. Fruits With Starchy Foods

Never combine fruits with starchy food like fried food, cheese or potatoes. Fruits are quick to digest while starchy food takes a longer time to digest. Fruits are usually eaten solo.

9. Melons And Grains

Grains take a longer time to digest while melons are easily digestible. Consuming both of them together can upset your stomach.

10. Light Food And Heavy Food

Mixing heavy food and light food seems a good idea and could balance your digestion? No, It will disturb your digestion. Never combine both of them together.

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