Maggi To Be Discontinued by End of 2017, Many Hearts in India are Heartbroken!

Can’t imagine how it feels, but seems like every heart – children, teens and adults – in India is sad and broken with the recent news. Apparently, the Maggi noodles that everybody loved in India is getting discontinued by the end of 2017. With that, a lot of people are sad that their favorite instant noodles are getting banned.


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A big dispute regarding the noodles erupted that led to Maggi getting banned in the country. Nestlé spent three decades in building the beloved Maggi brand in India and the noodle brand really is quite popular in the country.

Sadly, however, the company has recently stumbled into a debacle that cost them half a billion dollars and the noodles getting pulled from India’s shelves. What exactly happened that the most loved noodle brand in India gets banned and many are left heartbroken?

Nestlé removed its popular noodle brand, Maggi, from India’s shelves after several states banned the product over concerns on excess lead levels. Maggi has been sold in the country by Nestlé for over 30 years with Indians consuming over 400,000 tons of the noodles.

The company quickly responded to this claim and has stated that the Maggi noodles are completely safe but decided to still remove the products from the shelves of India. The Nestlé India thought that the issue would be resolved but sadly, several Indian states decided to remove the product from their shelves.

So the company reached the decision of pulling the product from the country because the latest developments and groundless concerns regarding the product resulted in confusion on the part of the customers. With all the confusion with the product, the company has chosen to voluntarily withdraw Nestlé Maggi Instant Noodles.



According to Nestlé, the Maggi noodles are completely safe. However, BBC reported that Indian states carried out tests on the noodles and the results show that Maggi has higher levels of lead than allowed. Following the said report, Nestlé itself tested the Maggi packets and found that the product is entirely safe.

Maggi noodles are a very popular product in the country that most food shops stock lots of them, even in the most rural parts of India. The product was even labeled as India’s third staple food behind rice and lentils. Maggi has been on sale since 1983 and was loved by young and old in India this recent news really left citizens sad and heartbroken.

With this recent event, everybody is wondering what now that Maggi is pulled out of the shelves of India? Which will be India’s next third staple food? Whatever will happen now that everyone’s favorite instant noodles will not be sold in the country anymore? Everybody will surely miss and be heartbroken if Maggi is really discontinued by the end of the year.

But hold onto your horses, folks! Before you start missing or storming stores to load up on Maggi noodles, just remember that, you know, it is only APRIL FOOLS! 


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